Culture Clash: The Trouble with Scotland

In his monthly article on games culture, Sakey argues that one of the problems with the games industry is partly due to games makers and the environment they create in the market. He cites the example of Psychonauts.

Gamers buy what the industry makes. If the industry suddenly started making nothing but ground-breaking games, I guarantee sales wouldn’t drop. And gamers might finally realize what they’re missing.

The games industry is, if anything, too in touch with its perceived audience. It’s easy to claim that game makers create the games that customers buy, but the truth is actually the opposite: customers buy what game makers create – not because customers are ignorant, but because it’s all that is available. This disconnect causes the industry to churn out the gaming equivalent of Bruckheimer films, over and over again, based on the misguided notion that it’s all people want.

I haven’t played Psychonauts. I was working at GameStop at the time, and one of the Assistant Managers there (an aspiring games animator) told me about Psychonauts. I’m borrowing a friend’s copy, though I don’t know when I’ll get around to it.

Sorry, Id. I’ve been holding on to so many of your games for a long time. I know you said you didn’t mind, but I feel bad that they’re gathering dust whilst I do stuff like pay off my mortgage to that bastard, Tom Nook, in Animal Crossing: Wild World, try to find comfortable hand positions for playing Metroid Prime: Hunters, or try to Ascend in Guild Wars.


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  1. Id
    7 April 2006 at 09:09

    Tom Nook is the Devil. The fact that he keeps you from playing Planescape: Torment is proof enough. :)

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