World Celebrates Achievements of Humans with Two ‘X’ Chromosomes

Apparently, today is International Women’s Day:

Around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achievements for women.

I am not quite sure what to do in order to mark this occasion. I am not schooled in feminist literature, though I do support feminism. I don’t feel qualified enough to write a critique of the patriarchy like what Kat wrote over at The Geeky Feminist. I don’t feel that I am a crusader, though I attended a demonstration once. I don’t feel that I’m fighting any sort of battle on a daily basis, though I can’t say that certain things don’t irritate or anger me. It’s strange and sad that people feel the need to set aside a particular day to make note of women’s achievements. Why is there this need? It’s because the world still has a long ways to go towards that elusive state of equality.

I don’t feel that it’s an achievement to be a woman gamer in itself. I participated in a DDR tournament once, but I didn’t rank in the top 10 (out of 20 or so competitors), so it’s only noteworthy because of the fact that I wasn’t last. I think there was another girl in the tourney, and she ranked higher, so good on her. I can say that I really like Metroid, but I can’t say that I’ve reached a high level of expertise in any of the games. However, if you put a SNES controller in my hands and get me to load up Super Metroid, I’ll likely take to the controls as if it hasn’t been 12 years since I’ve played for a decent amount of time. At the end of the day, I’m a pretty average gamer with an above-average interest in gaming.

To be honest, at times I get tired of the women and games articles that circulate every so often. It’s not because such issues are unimportant, it just seems as if people are shouting to the wind. People are saying how the industry needs to change, but the changes that people want are happening so slowly that it’s a little discouraging. The repetition of these rants gets tiresome, I suppose. However, I recognise that it is necessary to continue to work towards a more balanced games industry, and this does involve more research, more articles, and more debate.

I haven’t felt a particular need to write very much on women in the context of videogames since last year. Out of exasperation, I sometimes ignore the urge to make topical blogs when these issues arise in the gaming media. Anyway, I have compiled a list of posts I made last year on this subject. I am particularly proud of the ones about me getting banned from the Luminoth Temple (the last two).

  3 comments for “World Celebrates Achievements of Humans with Two ‘X’ Chromosomes

  1. bigwig
    8 March 2006 at 21:00

    well i’m no jessica chobot expert, but i couldn’t find anything relatively recent written by her. what a hardcore gamer. a job at a gaming website for a few months, and then she disappears. A true hero for women in gaming. Using a gamer column to promote her fledgling bimbo modeling career. good luck jessica.

  2. Kat
    9 March 2006 at 06:18

    Hey, I ain’t schooled in feminist literature either, but I’m a woman and that’s qualified enough to talk about how it feels to live in a patriarchy.

  3. 9 March 2006 at 08:29

    :) Fair enough.

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