Let’s Dance

Some of the majors have picked up on the posting of the video of this Guild Wars Elementalist dance event that I commented on last week.

In Guild Wars, dance emotes can be synchronised with other players. It might take several tries to get everyone to type in the command at roughly the same time as each other, but once the command is inputted successfully, the dance will loop until the player stops it by performing another action.

GuildWiki entry for “emotes”:

Players can synchronise some emotes with other players by adding a space and an asterisk after the command. For example, typing “/dance *” starts players dancing at the next “beat”. The beat is set by the game and goes off every 10 seconds. This function is often used with the /dance, /highfive and /goteam emotes.

So whilst it does look impressive to see those Elementalists dancing in synch, all it requires is co-ordination and people to follow directions (e.g. “One, two, three — now!”). It would have been far more impressive if they’d gotten more than just 16 players. Some music would have been nice as well. An example of this is the “Gwen Owns Us”, music video featuring female Necromancers dancing in synch. The female Necromancers’ dance is modeled after the dance that Michael Jackson and cohorts performed in his music video, “Thriller”, and the same music plays in the “Gwen Owns Us” video. Of course, a “Thriller” Guild Wars music video using female Necromancers is an obvious creative effort. Here are descriptions of the various dances for all Professions in Guild Wars.

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  1. bigwig
    14 March 2006 at 21:42

    there have got to be better video’s of co-ordinated guild wars dancing out there.

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