GW Rollback of March 13th

People are whinging losing their items due to the technical problems that forced ArenaNet to shut down the Guild Wars game servers and roll-back to an earlier state in the game. To my knowledge, this is the first major technical problem that Guild Wars has had since its release. There’s never been any downtime that I have experienced, and I’ve never had to wait very long at the login screen due issues on the AnenaNet side of things. It sucks for people who completed Missions during this hour, but the rollback makes sense.

From yesterday’s Game Update:

Update – Monday March 13

A note to players:

As you may be aware, we experienced some technical issues that resulted in the need to conduct an approximately one-hour roll-back of Guild Wars on Monday, March 13th. What prompted our decision to do the roll-back was the fact that the game economy was at risk, because during a brief window of opportunity, a huge number of items had been purchased for ridiculously low prices. This infusion of items into the economy would have devalued all the items in the game, and would have crippled the game economy.

We have an absolute commitment to take whatever means are necessary to protect the game economy, and by extension, to protect the items that you possess on your account. We apologize for any inconvenience that the roll-back may have caused.

We will continue to investigate the situation to assure that a repeat of today’s incident does not take place.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Guild Wars Team