GW Pre-Order Quest

According to the Guild Wars login screen, pre-order bonus packs were meant to be released on 28th February, which usually means a next-day shelf date. I rang up my local GameStop last week, hoping the packs were on the shelves, but sadly they were not. Over the weekend, I’d been reading reports on the Guild Wars LJ Community about people purchasing their pre-order bonus packs already.

Responses to queries in an in-game chat with Gaile Gray, Guild Wars Community Relations Manager (posted by Clamatius last week), clarified the situation. Gray stated that the packs started shipping on the 28th, and that they would be in stores around the 7th of March or so. I rang the store again on Wednesday night, asking about the bonus packs, but they hadn’t receieved them yet.

I went to GameStop last night, and the first thing they said to me when I walked in was, “We don’t have the Guild Wars: Factions bonus in yet” and then I replied, “Um, I’m here for my Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence bonus DVD” — even though I was also there to check about Guild Wars. Hehe. Chris Kohler was slightly underwhelmed by the Metal Gear Saga DVD, but he says fans will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to popping it in the DVD player tonight.

The trip yielded no Guild Wars: Factions pre-order joy. However, I found out that one of the employees also plays Guild Wars. He told me that they would definitely set a bonus pack aside for me when they arrived. I inquired about the Collector’s Edition, specifically whether they had a pre-order SKU in the computer. They did not, so I have to be satisfied with my reservation for the standard edition, which I’d already made a month a go. Since I’m interested in that Collector’s Edition, they’ve left a little note on my pre-order ticket, so someone will hold this for me when it comes in. Yay!

I could save myself headaches by ordering online, but the online discount through Amazon for a new game is negligible. Also, it’s nice to go into a physical store and talk to people.