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  1. skanderberg
    22 March 2006 at 04:14

    Whats the BO level at? hehe I am unkind.
    But seriously the main problem with most games is the loss of fun, simply put. MM (or whatever you call them) and most other games are being too focused on facile buzz words such as immersion, realism, environment, etc.
    When in fact the best games acknowledge and delight in the limitations of their form, Katamari (with the cant talk loading), MGS (with the many many examples such as changing the timer, or having your memory card read), or having a simple but beautiful mechanism such as Sensible Soccer, Tekken 3, Bomberman…

    Games like Farenheit whilst admirable are too flawed for they fail to deal with the fact that they are a game. And the poo faced narratives of most North American RPGs are frankly assinine and vaguely insulting.

    Then again I could be old, BUT I hope your having fun.
    PS are you flogging your idea?

  2. 22 March 2006 at 20:38

    I am having fun, yeah. I’ve met many great people and have had loads of great conversations. And yes, I am flogging my idea (though it’s actually more of a plan than an idea). :-)

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