DS on the Brain

On the flight out of San Jose on Saturday, I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me on the plane. He had his PSP and he was playing a Splinter Cell Siphon Filter game that he downloaded at the Sony booth at the GDC. We talked about games, what he does (videogame music composer), etc. He let me play Mario Kart DS (which rocks), showed me his Animal Crossing town (yard full of weeds, and house full of cockroaches).

He also let me play Meteos. Meteos is addictive! I love it! It only took me a few seconds to understand what I was supposed to do, but after that I was hooked. Falling blocks own me.

I’m tempted to buy a DS and then trade the DS in for a DS Lite when it’s released. There is the looming spectre of Metroid Prime: Hunters as well as all the other games that I can play with you games bloggers via NiWiFi. I’ve been resisting this temptation for months. I’m going to crack soon, I think. If the totally unsubstantiated and unfounded rumour I heard at the GDC is true, then I will have to wait until Summer to get a DS Lite. Meanwhile there are a few months of DS gaming I could get in before the DS Lite’s release.

Oh, and having played some Brain Age at the GDC, I will also give this game my stamp of approval. I didn’t expect solving basic mathematical problems as quickly as possible to be entertaining, but it was. No, I didn’t get a copy of Brain Age after the Nintendo keynote. I was in the queue to see Will Wright‘s keynote.

I thought it was a masterful ploy for Nintendo to distribute free DS games after Iwata’s keynote. Not only will it allow players to spread their experiences of the game prior to the release in April, but it also lured people out of the auditorium so that the people outside could get decent seats for Will Wright’s talk.

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