CA Day 5, GDC Day 4

Highlights of 23rd March:

  • Richard Garriott — “Designing Tabula Rasa: Lessons From the World of MMOs” — Only got to stay for 30 minutes because I was working. A very candid and open session about the process of designing Tabula Rasa, including mistakes the team made, and lessons learned.
  • Will Wright keynote — “What’s Next in Design” — Not really about “what’s next” but rather about how he goes about crystalising his ideas for his games. 90% of all his reasearch isn’t contained in his games. He becomes a bit of an expert in order to really understand the fundamentals of the types of games he creates. He read over 100 books to research Spore; astrobiology, astronomy, etc.
  • Microsoft’s Women in Gaming party — Met PMS Clan members and got pwned in Halo 2. They reassured me that they were having serious troubles with the controls because none of them have an Xbox 360. Ha ha. Had nice conversations with Fedaykin and V3NUS. They encouraged me to join their clan. Signed up for forum account, but don’t know if I will actually join.
  • Party-hopping — Didn’t try to get into the exclusive parties (e.g. Microsoft), but still had fun nevertheless. I am still, and will forever remain a lightweight when it comes to drinking. Oh well.
  • People — Are awesome.