CA Day 4, GDC Day 3

Emerald group didn’t finish the D&D campaign last night. We all bailed around 01:30, but another group stayed playing till around 03:30. Nutters. Anyhow, the best bit was when my character got Charmed and thought that our enemies were her best friends. My character proceeded to attack our Elf Druid with her stunning Sneak Attack, only to be prevented from striking by the Druid’s lucky roll. I would have done immense damage as well. Our Gnomish War Mage and our Human Cleric were the top performers with their clever tactics. Honourable mention goes to our Half-Orc Barbarian tank for soaking damage, of course. It was a great game, though I am disappointed that we didn’t finish.

Today was spent attending a few things. Nothing seemed particularly interesting.

The main news out of the Sony keynote was that they’re creating an Xbox Live type online community. *yawn*

The keynote from Ronald D. Moore, creator of the new Battlestar Galactica, was largely irrelevant to the games industry. The theme of his speech was on re-inventing existing properties so that they are relevant and fresh to today’s audience. It was rather interesting to hear explanations of the changes from the old show to the new. He had visuals with clips from both series.

When I lived in the UK, I would sometimes watch Battlestar Galactica. It was cheesy good fun. The theme tune is classic, man. I haven’t seen the new one yet, because I haven’t got cable, but having heard everyone rave about it, I will pick up the DVDs at some point.

I attended a session from the development team of Shadow of the Colossus. The topic was a postmorten on “Emotional Character Control”. The talk was technical for the most part, and to be honest I dozed through some of it. Most of the talk dealt with the techniques they used to make the character movements as realistic and emotive as possible. Much of these techniques were created through trial-and-error.

The most interesting bit of the talk was from the character designer for Yorda (a character from Ico) and Agro (the horse in Shadow of the Colossus). Atsuko Fukishima said she thought that it was very strange that most women games characters were made so that they were very “consciously” women. In other words, they very blatantly show off the fact that they are women. She was tired of this, so she tried to create a very natural-looking character in Yorda. In my opinion, she did a great job.

I went on the Booth Crawl and got loads of swag, most of which I don’t need and won’t use. Maybe I’ll have a competition or giveaway here.

People are playing WOW on the data entry computers. The CAs have formed a guild on the Alliance side — “Conference Associates” on Duskwood. They’re trying to form “Conference Disassociates” on Duskwood for the Horde.

More tomorrow as people are calling me for dinner.