CA Day 1

Just finished with Conference Associate orientation. It took forever. There are so many badge types to memorise! Right now I am at one of the data entry computers.

I woke up relatively early today and spent much of it walking round San Jose. It was fairly empty because it was a Sunday, however I was a little surprised at how small this place seems to be. Perhaps that’s just because I was walking.

The San Jose Convention Centre is much smaller than the Baltimore Convention Centre. I’m used to the larger Baltimore Convention Centre because I have been working at Otakon for what seems like forever; Otakon is traditionally held at the Baltimore Convention Centre. Anyway, the Conference Associates had a tour of the facilities.

Most of the afternoon was spent stuffing conference bags with stuff. The Adult Swim socks are undoubtedly the best piece of swag included in the conference bags. They are a dull yellow colour and have an owl on them. Hooray for socks!

I am working at a Tutorial session tomorrow morning, the “Social Dimensions of Digital Gaming”. I work at other random tasks during the week, but the other session I am working at is a Friday Panel, “The Game Studies Download: Top 10 Research Findings”.

Anyway, I’ve got to go.