Original Trilogy, Please

We would like Lego Star Wars in original trilogy flavour. Yes we would. GameSpot has the rumour:

“The deal” may be that LucasArts has decided to reclaim the now-popular license for itself. The publisher is owner to all things Star Wars, and likely had dollar signs in its eyes when it saw the success Eidos had with Lego Star Wars. However, LucasArts reps saw through our Jedi mind tricks and flatly said, “We have nothing to announce at this time.”

Is there any doubt that a Lego Star Wars sequel is in the works? No. Has LucasArts formally announced the new game? No. Will it in the next few weeks? We’d bet our droids on it.

I’m finally (since I’ve been meaning to since last year) playing Lego Star Wars, borrowed from a friend. A good game wrapped up in a package that doesn’t require too many blocks of time is always appreciated. It’s seriously fun. I haven’t gotten very far. I’ve only unlocked some droids and the high-jumping Jar-Jar Binks. Normally, I tend to stay away from 3D platformers (e.g. Jak and Daxter or Mario Sunshine), though I had to make an exception in this case.

Sometimes I just hang around that diner, the hub for all the missions, just running around and killing all the other Lego characters, and laughing as their plastic parts scatter all over the place. They miraculously respawn, and more mayhem begins. Loads of fun. I need to unlock little boy Anakin, because I don’t like him, although being able to kill Jar-Jar Binks over and over again is also entertaining to a point.

Lego Star Wars is based upon the new trilogy, and therefore almost not worthy of attention, but it’s actually a good play. However, I want Lego Han Solo (in different outfits!); I want Lego Princess Leia (also in different outfits!). And I want this rumour to be true.

[Via Kotaku]

UPDATE: Yay, it’s going to be on the GameCube!

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  1. 6 February 2006 at 01:22

    I rather hope Traveler’s Tales is retained to be the developer. I was pretty impressed with their approach to the entire game. Another developer may miss the point… then again, a new developer might bring some fun new things to the table…

    Bah. I”m feeling flip-floppy this morning.

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