I Find Your Lack of Progress Disturbing

One of my friends, who is not a member of my guild, exhibits a patronising attitude (in my opinion) towards the way I have been playing Guild Wars. Each time the game comes up in conversation, he tells me that I “should be in the desert” (I assume he means the Crystal Desert) or that I am “too slow”.

One of my guildmates and I were playing the other day. She wanted to do the Divinity Coast Mission, and the Bonus to that Mission is the only thing I still have left to do in Eastern Kryta. I asked my friend if he wanted to join us, and he was up for it. When he met up with us at Lion’s Arch, he again chided me for playing too slowly and said that my character level was too high for this area. I already fucking know that!

He also disapproves of the fact that I moved my Home District to Europe rather than keep it in North America, saying that I was “killing [my] bandwidth”. I think he’s just miffed that I favour the International Districts more than American Districts, even ever since I first started playing the game. At that time, my Home District was located in America. I’ve always refused to play in the American Districts, which forced him to meet me in the International District if he wanted to quest with me. I guess selecting the International District from a pull down menu on the map screen is a huge effort, so he complains. Whatever.

The reason for having my Home District in Europe is because I miss interacting with Europeans, plain and simple. I’m willing to put up with the possibility of technical disruptions so that I have a higher probability of joining PUGs composed of players from other countries.

As far as progress goes, he believes that I am silly for continuing to hammer away at Bonus Missions rather than focusing solely on progression (e.g. ignoring Bonus Missions and only completing the Storyline Missions). I’m a bit of a completeist at times, and I can be stubborn when it comes to these sorts of things. If I keep failing, then I keep trying. If I can’t complete a Bonus with the Henchmen after a few tries, I join a PUG.

I like discovering new areas and removing the “fog of war” from my map as well. For example, there’s really nothing important in Dragon’s Gullet (except for a couple of Collectors), but I still walked through the entire area. I also explored most of the Northern Shiverpeak Mountains, just because I was curious and wanted to see the land. I like being familiar with the areas in the game. Exploring takes time, and I am methodical, but I enjoy it.

Also, I spend some of my Guild Wars gaming time helping one of my guildmates to get “caught up”. He prefers doing Missions and Quests with me because he believes that my character is nearly omnipotent due to the fact that she at a higher level than his character. At present, I am only two levels higher than he is, and I’m almost halfway to maxing out (at Level 20).

It isn’t only a matter of character level, though, it’s also a matter of skill combination and tactics. I am not the most skilled player, I know, and I try to learn how to play my Professions effectively. I am still learning things. True, my high level character was of great benefit to this guildmate in Ascalon, and he made quick progress because of my participation. But now, my character level is not as much of a factor in his success. When we tried “The Villainy of Galrath” last Saturday, I was dying all over the place, and the suggested character level one should be at (judging by the Henchmen) is about Level 15. If character level was the end all and be all, I shouldn’t have been dying with my Level 19 character.

Anyway, helping this guildmate also takes up my time. Sometimes I am reluctant to help, because it comes at the price of my own progress. However, guildies are meant to help each other out. I don’t mind it too much normally, but sometimes he’s so insistent… Urgh.

In addition, I only have a decent amount of gaming time at the weekends, and this time can be whittled away by social and other committments. It’s not as if I relish my lack of progress. The time is ticking down to Guild Wars: Factions, and I find my lack of progress more disturbing than my friend does. Telling me that I should be further along than I am is not constructive. Better that he volunteers to complete quests with me, instead of needlessly pointing out the obvious.

I guess I’ll have a talk with him about this.

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  1. 13 February 2006 at 15:03

    Galrath is one of the hardest quests (not missions) in the game. It’s definitely the hardest if you measure its difficulty compared with character power at the point that you get it.

    >It’s not as if I relish my lack of progress.
    Considering your yardstick for “complete” from your post appears to be walking over nearly every square inch of land in the game, I’d say that it’s going to take you a really long time to hit your goal and I’d be surprised if you do it before Factions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I think I have maybe somewhere between 150 and 200 hours of PvE (scary, I know), pretty much all on two characters, and I haven’t finished all the storyline missions on the second character yet. I did nearly every quest possible on the first character but on the second one I’m just capping skills. There’s a lot of content in the game considering there’s no subscription fees.

    As for your friend, I think he should be taking his opinion and stuffing it where the sun doesn’t shine. I know a lot of people get their kicks out of exploration (it’s a small part of the game for me, but my wife likes it) and if that’s what makes the game fun for you then, well, that’s the point, isn’t it? I suspect the real reason he’s grumbling is because he wants to play some of the later game content with you and doesn’t think you’ll get there anytime soon.

  2. 13 February 2006 at 16:00

    Yeah, it’s nice that he wants to play with me, and I think partially it’s also the fact that he and his guildmates are stuck in an area and they don’t know what to do… Maybe he’s thinking that if I played, I’d have some new insight or strategies. I dislike being rushed by him. I’m not in a race, and exploration is one of the things I like about games. Having said that, I have been less obsessive about exploration in recent weeks.

  3. 14 February 2006 at 06:51

    One of the brilliant aspects of Guild Wars is that you can take it at your own pace. Since there is no subscription, you aren’t throwing away money by “advancing” in the game. I’ve spent nights not even trying to hunt down any quests or missions, just trying to explore the boundaries of the map.

    Although once I hit 20, I sped a little bit. I was trying to finish the story before Factions, but now I’m not too concerned about it.

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