Escapist Meet-Up in Second Life

According to always_black, The Escapist online games magazine will have a presence in Second Life. The writers and staff are meeting at the _blacklibrary in-game to discuss with the always_black people, and everyone else is invited, too.

Date/Time: Saturday, 4th March @ 19:00 GMT
Place: _blacklibrary

I haven’t logged in to Second Life since I checked out the _blacklibrary last year, so I think my avatar is still hovering around the vicinity. Maybe I’ll login to see what there is to see. My avatar needs her appearance overhauled, though. I made her a little too creepy-looking, but I’m bored of the look now. Hehe.

EDIT: Oops. Totally forgot about it.

  2 comments for “Escapist Meet-Up in Second Life

  1. 28 February 2006 at 11:53

    I got the invitation, but don’t really see myself going. I’m worried I’ll get hooked on SL if I install the client.

  2. 28 February 2006 at 13:19

    Well… I found SL really dull and pointless… A game where I create my own goals? Strange! No danger of me getting hooked there.

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