Destructive Mood Swings

Kotaku asks:

Is it just me or is it a tad misogynistic to finally unfetter the perpetual damsel in distress Princess Peach and make her a protagonist, only to arm her with a parasol and her mood swings?

This is just a vague stab in the dark, but my answer has to be “Yes”.

Instead of outfitting the princess in some sort of clothes that would make it possible for her to, I don’t know, walk five steps without falling on her face, they have her wearing a full ball gown and tiara. She also carries a parasol that she can thwack and poke enemies with. But her main weapon is her unstable personality.

Using the stylus, the player taps symbols that represent Princess Peach’s emotions (such as anger or sadness), then a destructive effect is generated at an enemy, such as fiery explosions or a spray of tears. The player controls Princess Peach’s emotions, making her angry or sad or whatever, as the situation warrants.

Manipulating emotions to get ahead in a game makes sense in a game like Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines, but Super Princess Peach? Oh wait, the protagonist is a woman, it doesn’t need to make sense. I suppose the game demonstrates, how much damage one can do to one’s foes with a carefully timed tantrum. I don’t expect players to try these tactics in real life, however the imagery is still there.

I will say one thing about her attire: she’s a princess, surely she can afford to have variety in her wardrobe. Even if she likes the pink, couldn’t she adventure in something more practical?

But it’s disappointing that Nintendo finally turned Princess Peach into a heroine only to seemingly poke fun at womanhood

Funny how some of the Kotaku commenters are blind to why the imagery in this game is insulting.

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  1. 27 February 2006 at 15:03

    It’s a very good thing for commenters like “Galvon” over at the Kotaku site that I don’t share the privilege of commenting there! Have you had a chance to see this game yet? Is it as horrible as it sounds?

  2. 27 February 2006 at 16:30

    I’ve not seen the game in action, no. If I had a DS I wouldn’t go for it, because it doesn’t seem like a game that would appeal to me as I’m not really a fan of those Mario games, apart from the racing ones. Anyway, according to the only review on, it’s a decent game.

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