Bling for Me

The Ranger/Necromancer guildie, sometimes makes a point of how “rich” he is, and how frivolously he spends gold. He has been very lucky in finding the rare colours of dye in the game (Black, Silver). Selling those dyes at the market rate has made him relatively wealthy. We were chatting on MSN, and he said that he was trying to complete a new armour set. Knowing that I hoard crafting materials, he asked to trade with me. We met in The Wilds to carry out the transaction. He needed 50 Wood Planks and 50 Tanned Hides to craft his armour. I put the items up in the Trade window for him to view, and he had 1 500 gold pieces ready. I asked him if he was absolutely sure, as that amount of gold for Common Crafting Materials is quite absurd. He was fine with it, so I took the money!

At Bloodstone Fen last night, I chatted with some of the players with whom I completed The Wilds Mission. My guildie was bragging about how he had 20 000 gold in his Vault. The Necromancer/Monk in our PUG, who had completed the game eight times in total, scoffed at my guildie’s “wealth”. He decided to make a point of how “money isn’t everything”. He opened up a Trade window with me. I hesitated, and he typed, “Accept, dude!” So I accepted. Suddenly I was 5 platinum richer! What the heck! I asked him a few times whether he was sure he didn’t want the plat back. He refused to take it back! Me for the win, I guess!

I spent a bit of my riches on Necromancer’s Armour for my character. By default, it comes in red, but I dyed it blue. Here I am at Beacon’s Perch, because it’s pretty there:

Atop Beacon's Perch

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  1. 16 February 2006 at 21:42

    I wonder does this game support HDR (high dynamic range)? or is that to new fangled or is it only for lighting? Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about anyways my point was just imagine how much better the game would look if it did.

  2. 17 February 2006 at 06:38

    A quick Google before work yielded little information. Not having seen any games with HDR (that I know of), I wouldn’t be able to compare it to GW. From where I’m sitting, the game looks plenty fantastic. I’ve collected a few screepcaps because I find the environs so pretty as it is. I’ll have a look around if I have time today, or maybe someone else knows.

  3. 17 February 2006 at 07:28

    No. Even HL2 didn’t in the original release. They added it as a tech demo relatively recently for Lost Coast. There’s a list of games that use HDR here:

  4. 17 February 2006 at 07:42

    Damn. I should have gone immediately to Wikipedia, the fount of all knowledge. :P

  5. 17 February 2006 at 10:24

    Actually I went to Google, but I have 3117 ninja search skills (maybe because I spent a while working on search engines back in the day). The Almighty Google (heaven praise its name) then sent me to WP. :)

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