Visit to Dave & Buster’s

Here’s something I wrote earlier: What does this American dining and entertainment chain have to offer the gamer? For the casual gamer, it probably exceeds expecations. For an avid gamer, well, not so much.

EDIT: Check it out: /.

I have replied to those who commented directly to my post, however I have refrained from reading the discussion on Slashdot. It would be pointless, as most of the people there seem to be, unfortunately, bitchy trolls. One of my friends was reading Slashdot comments, however, and he told me that everyone there assumes that I am a guy, as did a commenter on The Game Chair. Nice fact checking, people.

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  1. 19 January 2006 at 11:43

    Personally, I’ve found D&B goes over better when in a group with non-gamer friends who are just going to hang out. The ‘hardcore’ never seem to like the place – due to lack of good/new games. I’m content as long as there is no line for Street Fighter II or Ms. PacMan. Of course I could just play those on Mame so… As an arcade D&B just isn’t that good – but the drink prices aren’t that bad. ;)

  2. 20 January 2006 at 08:13

    The drinks list was rather intriguing. If I hadn’t had a headache, I might have tried. Also, I’m a bit out of practice in drinking alcohol. I find oftentimes that I simply am not bothered to drink.

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