Samus on the Silver Screen

4 color rebellion has commentary on the Metroid film.

Right. I do not have the energy to write about this topic again. When news of a Metroid film emerged last year, I subjected my LiveJournal audience to a very long essay about this, Samus as a character, and the suitability of Metroid being adapted to film. My sentiments remain the same as they were last year, and are generally in line with the 4 color rebellion piece. Metroid is my favourite videogame series and Samus is one of my favourite videogame characters. I have a cloying fear in my gut that the Metroid film, like so many other videogame film adaptations, will go horribly wrong. Even more terrible is that I will still watch it even if it sucks.

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  1. skanderberg
    31 March 2006 at 05:41

    the problem is she aint your property but nintendos…

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