Weekend gaming consisted mostly of Guitar Hero, when I could actually get a turn. The song line up for this game is really great. It would have been cool if they’d had a song (or two) from The Darkness, Poison, and/or Guns n’ Roses (maybe unlockable?). Oh my God, that would be sweet. Great game, though. If only I knew someone who has it around here. I can’t really spend the cash on more games now (and Guitar Hero is $80.00), since I have mentally allocated my money to other titles.

I think I’m going to try to get back into DDR seriously. I’m very firmly stuck on Standard, and it would be nice to consistently pass Heavy songs. Playing on a semi-soft dance mat is underwhelming, since I learned how to play DDR at the arcade. Perhaps I could reward myself by saving money for a nice metal dance pad later on, if I improve enough. I guess I’ll check my progress in six or eight months from now, and decide whether I’ve improved enough to think about a metal pad.

I got a call from one of my D&D mates last night with an update on the campaign. I have missed the last two Sundays of D&D due to other obligations. Apparently our Psion has died; killed by a Drow Rogue on a rooftop. The party had saved the enemy’s armour and weapon for me, because it is best-suited for my character. I am the only full Rogue. A couple of others have taken a Level of Rogue, they wouldn’t be able to use this armour and sword as well as my character. So now I have really awesome armour and an awesome sword (possibly the best equipment in our party), and I haven’t been there in a fortnight. I feel bad that my character is going to be using the equipment that the Drow used to kill our Psion.

I’m going to become pretty busy in the next few months, due to my involvement with Otakon. I’m a Department Head at Otakon, and also in charge of another Department-like entity for Otakorp, Inc., the non-profit corporation that runs Otakon. The latter position is effectively a Department Head position, though the event does not take place during Otakon. Otakorp sponsors an anime film marathon at the National Cherry Blossom Festival and for the past few years, I have been coordinating that. These commitments will likely mean fewer posts and fewer reading of blogs.