I’m in a meeting right now for Otakon staff. Not much gaming occurred in terms of Guild Wars, though I did attempt the bonus of a Mission that I have been trying to complete for ages (Divinity Coast Bonus, though I still need to do the Bonus to D’Alessio Seaboard). I didn’t get very far, because I kept getting interrupted, and it’s hard to concentrate in this environment as well. Too many things going on, too many people to talk to/socialise with, and too much serious stuff to discuss.

I had a brief look at the templates for the Assassin and Ritualist PvP characters. They look cool, especially the Assassin. Wow. Hot stuff. One of my friends here was telling me about some of the Assassin Skills and they seem really awesome. Can’t wait to get home and try them out.

I played some Dead or Alive 4 and I wasn’t too impressed with the game, though I am not a DOA player. The Xbox 360 controller is very nice, though. Very nice indeed. I may check out this same controller for my PC.

Played some late night DDR on sweet Cobalt Flux hard pads last night. A more skilled player complimented me on my technique, saying that I’m moving the right way to play at a more advanced level. I usually play on Standard Mode, though I have, when I was on top form, passed a few Heavy Mode songs. I didn’t play nearly as long as I wanted, since it was getting quite late. Went to sleep at around 03:00. I love hard dance mats. Wish I had one.

I played some Guitar Hero this morning after breakfast, and I am convinced that the controller is too big for my small hands. I was having problems pressing the buttons. It’s great fun, though.

I could use some Tekken 5, but everyone here only seems interested in rhythm games. I love rhythm games, but I love Tekken 5 as well. Maybe tonight, if I’m not doing anything else.

Some Karaoke Revolution would be nice, too. Don’t know if anyone brought that.

More later.