I’m in a meeting right now for Otakon staff. Not much gaming occurred in terms of Guild Wars, though I did attempt the bonus of a Mission that I have been trying to complete for ages (Divinity Coast Bonus, though I still need to do the Bonus to D’Alessio Seaboard). I didn’t get very far, because I kept getting interrupted, and it’s hard to concentrate in this environment as well. Too many things going on, too many people to talk to/socialise with, and too much serious stuff to discuss.

I had a brief look at the templates for the Assassin and Ritualist PvP characters. They look cool, especially the Assassin. Wow. Hot stuff. One of my friends here was telling me about some of the Assassin Skills and they seem really awesome. Can’t wait to get home and try them out.

I played some Dead or Alive 4 and I wasn’t too impressed with the game, though I am not a DOA player. The Xbox 360 controller is very nice, though. Very nice indeed. I may check out this same controller for my PC.

Played some late night DDR on sweet Cobalt Flux hard pads last night. A more skilled player complimented me on my technique, saying that I’m moving the right way to play at a more advanced level. I usually play on Standard Mode, though I have, when I was on top form, passed a few Heavy Mode songs. I didn’t play nearly as long as I wanted, since it was getting quite late. Went to sleep at around 03:00. I love hard dance mats. Wish I had one.

I played some Guitar Hero this morning after breakfast, and I am convinced that the controller is too big for my small hands. I was having problems pressing the buttons. It’s great fun, though.

I could use some Tekken 5, but everyone here only seems interested in rhythm games. I love rhythm games, but I love Tekken 5 as well. Maybe tonight, if I’m not doing anything else.

Some Karaoke Revolution would be nice, too. Don’t know if anyone brought that.

More later.

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  1. 23 January 2006 at 05:55

    You should definitely give Guitar Hero another chance. I’ve been hooked on it whenever I can pry the PS2 away from Belle. The scale seems about the same as a regular guitar to me, and much smaller than a bass guitar. If Kim Deal could handle the latter, the former shouldn’t be any problem, right?

  2. 23 January 2006 at 12:18

    Assassins hit really, really hard – but they’re somewhat vulnerable to their “combo” being interrupted. The premade templates are nowhere near as good as some of the possible builds.

    That said, I did get spiked out (playing as a prot monk) by an Assassin + 1 other character many times over the weekend. Several times, the sequence went something like Guardian (interrupted), RoF, die.

    I blame lag. :P

  3. 23 January 2006 at 12:32

    I missed the preview by like a minute. Well, not that I could have played longer than a minute if I hadn’t, but I logged in just when it ended and played through my latest bout of insomnia.

    Had the worst party out of Sanctum Cay, which is I think towards the end of the campaign. One guy kept rushing headling, aggroing the hell out of everything and complaining we didn’t know where we were going (where? following his ass starting fights is where).

    Then he just left the party when he almost died. Probably for the best, I was considering not res’ing him.

    Then two more dropped out when they realized we never got the NPC for the bonus (partially because dunderhead went gallavanting off after hellhounds).

    So a party of 6 ended with 3. All of those three being Lvl 20’s mind you, just proving that experience doesn’t necessarily beget good players.

  4. 23 January 2006 at 13:15

    Thomas: Yeah, I guess my problem with Guitar Hero is just that it’s a new game. I was improving, though coordinating my left fingers was the challenge, since my right hand is the dominant one.

    Clamatius: Sadly, I did not do very much with the PvP Assassin I created, so I’ll just have to try it out when the final release comes.

  5. 23 January 2006 at 13:50

    @Josh: Sanctum Cay is getting up there but it’s not really near the end. Maybe 2/3? You’ve got some tough missions still to go – in fact, all of the toughest ones. As for inept players, your experience is by no means unique. I’ve had some terrible, terrible pick-up groups even near the end of the storyline campaign. Moral of the story: people are dumb.

    @Brinstar: I would be really, really surprised if they don’t do more preview events as time goes on, so you’ll get more chances later before release. I seem to recall reading a quote from a dev to this effect somewhere but I’m too lazy right now to go track it down.

  6. 23 January 2006 at 14:32

    My friends have had the same comments about Guitar Hero. I think it’s the one place where the skill set will directly overlap with actually playing the instrument. You have to develop independence between all the fingers of your left hand.

    One exercise you might try is to practice touching your left palm with your first and third, then second and fourth fingers in alternation. The most difficult part is going to be learning to separate your pinky from the third finger, which shares a number of tendons.

    Ironically, all this may give bassists a head start on picking the game up, compared to rhythm guitar players, since we don’t deal in “shapes” as much as they do.

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