Guild Wars Makes Eurogamer’s List of Top 50 Games of 2005

Guild Wars was ranked at number 24. Kieron Gillen, who reviewed Guild Wars for Eurogamer comments:

Kieron: I suspect this comment will be surrounded by the WoW massive bitching. Let’s assume it is, and so, well, they said that the static nature of a classical MMO removed the ability to tell a narrative, but when a game embraced that they were upset they couldn’t jump down cliffs they just stormed off in a huff. They said that they were sick of being outclassed by people purely on how long they’ve played the game rather than any expertise, but in the end they preferred being ganked by pubescents in contested zones rather than risking a fair fight. They said that the slow bleed of a monthly fee was elitist, but – in the end – actually, they liked it that way. We are the generation who bought more steeds, and we’ll get what we deserve.

And if this comment isn’t surrounded by WoW massive bitching, Guild Wars is just lovely and deserves to be at least twenty places higher than this.
[Via GWOnline.Net]

Gillen’s Guild Wars review at Eurogamer — Which I’d read months ago, but I’ll link to it here for the sake of completeness.

I’ve had one of the “WOW massive” bitch to me once in a while, but it mostly consisted of “Guild Wars sucks! Play WOW!”

I promise I’ll play WOW for at least a couple of hours this weekend. Honest. If I can pull myself away from Guild Wars. Hehe. Might be a time stretch though, because my table-top D&D group is starting back up again after a brief winter break. Argh. Are there really only 24 hours in a day? No, really, I will make an effort to play WOW. It’s just overwhelming, though! I feel like there are so many things to keep track of! At least I don’t have to make sure my character goes to the toilet. Right?