Guild Wars Factions Playable Without Original

According to, Guild Wars: Factions will be “playable as a standalone game, but gamers who also own the original Guild Wars will be able to explore both game worlds and also get access to new items in the first game.”

GameSpy’s interview with Jeff Strain, Founder and President of ArenaNet. There are screenshots of the Ritualist and the Assassin as well.

In-game chat with Gaile Gray, Community Relations Manager at ArenaNet.

Gaming Steve‘s Podcast interview with Jeff Strain.

Thanks, Clamatius for those last two links!

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  1. 11 January 2006 at 12:52

    I seem to remember seeing this somewhere else but I can’t remember where. :/

    I think the model they’re trying for is the standalone sets in Magic, where it’ll work with the cards you have but you can play it on its own if you want.

    Sidenote: they’re expecting to have an additional free update between Factions and the next expansion (a la the Sorrows Furnace update).

  2. 11 January 2006 at 14:15

    Just listened to an interview with the Arenanet head and he confirmed it.

    Also confirmed by Gaile here:

  3. 11 January 2006 at 16:52

    Thanks, mate. :-) Have to listen to that interview tonight.

  4. 12 January 2006 at 03:44

    I also found this (with a few pics!):

  5. 12 January 2006 at 10:49

    Quote from your link: “Magic: The Gathering keeps re-inventing itself with each new edition and players are never forced to buy older cards to stay competitive. They can always enjoy a one edition game — Factions will do that for Guild Wars. What Factions-only players will miss out on is some of the richness that comes from mixing different editions together.”

    I guess I was pretty much on the nail. Speculation for the win and all that. :)

  6. Dyannamika
    13 January 2006 at 06:47

    IT sounds pretty cool! Yay for Guild Wars. I can’t wait for Factions to come out. Assassin, oh yeah, here I come!

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