WOW, Inevitability

Erm. Well. A friend made me an offer I found hard to refuse:

Dear World of Warcraft Subscriber,

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since World of Warcraft first opened to adventurers. As a thank you for your loyalty, we’d like to present you with 3 special coupons that you can use to purchase gift copies of World of Warcraft for only $19.99 after rebate. Just click on the link below to print your rebate coupons, purchase a World of Warcraft retail box at your favorite retailer, and mail back the completed rebate forms, along with your original receipt. It’s that simple.

The rebate offer is for subscribers only, so for verification purposes, you will need to legibly write your World of Warcraft Account Name on each coupon, as well as the new Account Names of your gift recipients. We hope you’re enjoying World of Warcraft and that this makes it a little easier to share the fun with friends this holiday.

Best Regards,

The World of Warcraft Team

I’m going to be playing an Undead Warlock to start. I like Undead because they can eat people. Muahaha. And from reading a little bit, and talking to one of my friends, Warlocks sound cool because they have many DOT spells and they can have pets as well. My main character will be on a certain PvE server, hopefully, because a certain person was so persuasive, and it is one of his cohorts that is hooking me up with WoW on the cheap (excluding the monthly fees). I know someone on a different server, and I have a friend who’s friends are on there as well, but that’s a PvP Realm and I don’t want to go there right now. Are there any other good (North American) Realms for characters to live in?

My D&D DM made a very convincing case/justification for the monthly cost of WoW. This, coupled with being harrangued from all sides to play a game that I already know is good has proven too much. I am weak.

For the Horde!

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  1. 10 December 2005 at 07:13

    You’ve succumbed to the dark side! But don’t worry, you’ll grow to love it. :) I’m on Llane, which is a good PvE server. It’s an interesting server to play Horde on, since there are 2.5x as many Alliance players. Ha.

    And I’d suggest you do not play on Dark Iron, where I have another character, because PvP servers (and that one in particular) seem to attract evil griefers who camp out and kill the newbies. Bad griefers, bad. But good luck! You’ll have to tell us what you think!

  2. Dyannamika
    13 December 2005 at 07:37

    I knew it was only a matter of time… :P

  3. 13 December 2005 at 12:14

    It’s research, God damn it! RESEARCH! At least after this, I’ll be able to write an informed take on playing in Guild Wars and playing in World of Warcraft.

    I’m not abandoning Guild Wars, though. I still love the game, and it was great to reach a new area last Sunday. After your exams, we should try to get in a long play session (or two) before you head back to the States, if possible.

    My friend IMed me last night, and he says he’s already bought my copy of the game. I expect to see him this weekend, so perhaps I’ll be WoW-ing by Monday or Tuesday.

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