In My Hot Little Hands

Apparently my friend didn’t get the bulletin about not getting me games for Christmas. I thought I was going to reimburse him for hooking me up with a cheap copy of World of Warcraft, but instead he gave it to me! Cheers, mate! I’ll be installing this thing tomorrow later today. The instruction manual? It’s fucking huge. Geez. I’ll give it a glance through.

People are telling me not to play on PvE Realms because there’s nothing to do after you hit Level 60. I promised to play Horde on their PvE server, though, so the first character I create will live there. After I get bored with her, I’ll create a new one on a PvP server where I know a few people, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be Alliance or Horde. On this PvP server, I have one friend who is Alliance, and another who is Horde. I’m torn!

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  1. 18 December 2005 at 06:52

    I don’t know about PvP servers, actually. It takes a really long time to get to 60, and in the meantime, on a PvP server, high level players can feel free to run around and kill you whenever they want while you’re questing. I keep having that happen to my priest on Dark Iron. It’s really really annoying. PvE servers are just a bit more polite, in my experience. But you’ll have to tell us what you think, either way!

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