Heather Graham: MMOs A-OK

OGaming: What’s your opinion of the massively multiplayer online gaming crowd as a whole?

Heather Graham: I like them a lot! For the most part, they’re just normal people who are really passionate about their hobby. They also tend to be more social than most gamers are made out to be, because they have to talk with each other and cooperate to get ahead in most cases. It sounds like a contradiction: they’re dedicated gamers who are really talkative and outgoing.

Wait. I agree that most gamers are depicted as socially-crippled shut-ins, and that the reality is much different — gamers are everyday folk. It isn’t limited to MMO gamers. Anyway, it’s a mildly interesting read.

She also said, “I’m the type of person who feels they missed out by not getting to play Dungeons & Dragons and stuff like that as a child”. To which I say, “Me, too, Heather. Me, too“.

[WONDER WOMAN: Actress Heather Graham on Role-Playing, MMOs and More via MMORPGDot]

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  1. 15 December 2005 at 07:56

    The cynic in me sometimes wonders if they get these hot actresses to say they play games just to rev up the readership.

    The high school loner in me doesn’t care :)

    From her interviews, though, Graham wouldn’t suprise me as a gamer. She’s got the giggly personalty that seems like she might find Katamari a real hoot.

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