Video Games: A Common Cultural Experience

Nielsen says video gamers are everywhere:

“Games are a part of a broader number of people’s leisure time, as evidenced by the findings in our study,” said Nielsen’s Michael Dowling. “Playing video games, once considered the domain of teen boys, has evolved into a medium that is now capable of reaching expanding demographics of gamers, including females, Hispanics and older players. As games continue to increase its share of entertainment leisure time, it’s quite possible playing video games will assume a significant role as a common cultural experience, in the way that movies and television do today.”

Notice how he says that games are “once the domain of teen boys”.

A “common cultural experience”. I like that. It’s true (to gamers) and it will eventually be true for the rest of the population.

[Via Game Politics]

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  1. John
    27 November 2005 at 14:23

    I’m at most times through the history of games old, young, females etc plays games.
    To be fair the games where generally aimed at the teenaged boys and some media serveys somewhere probably backed that up.

    But yes they have spread through out the world, even I play the odd one.

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