New Profession for Guild Wars Chapter 2

According to Play Magazine, Guild Wars will see introduction of a new Profession with the expansion, due out next year. Those who love stealthy, sneaky types, rejoice, for the Assassin is on her way!

From The Guild Hall:

Gaile Gray (Guild Wars Community Relations), commenting on the picture in the article and confirming the new Assassin Profession:

Yep, that’s our girl.

Play Magazine is a great publication. We love the coverage that they’ve given Guild Wars. They loved the game so much, early on, that they expanded and extended one of their previews over two issues.

We were happy to have them premiere the concept art (which I happen to think is absolutely lovely) and the lore and other info present in this issue. I don’t have a copy in my mitts yet, but I’m eager to see it!
Alex Weekes (Guild Wars Community Relations), reconfirming the information:

Actually, it’s from a well-respected source (Play Magazine) and has already been confirmed as legitimate by Gaile (and now by me). The source is not an adult publication, it’s a gaming publication… and as Gaile has already noted, Play Magazine have previously provided some excellent Guild Wars features.

Nothing dubious about it at all, the Assassin will be available to players when the game releases in the First Half 2006.
From Play Magazine:

Introducing Nika, your world-exclusive first look at Guild Wars’ next major character profession: the Assassin. With Guild Wars surging past one million registered users in later ’05, NCsoft and ArenaNet have a certified smash online hit. Set to debut in the game’s massive 2006 expansion, the Assassin profession will add thrilling stealth and combat techniques to Guild Wars’ dynamic online gameplay.

Brilliant! I’m quite looking forward to this, because of my predilection towards such character classes (at least in D&D). I tend not to go for straightforward melee types. Right now, my main character is a Necromancer Primary, and I love her to bits, however the other Professions are not as interesting to me (except, perhaps the Ranger). I’m looking forward adding the Assassin to my character roster. I would imagine that everyone will try out the Profession, so it will be overpopulated for a while. Perhaps Monks and Warriors will see high demand when the next chapter is released (not that Monks aren’t already in high demand).

Check out the link above to see official lore on the Assassin for the next chapter. It mentions one Skill, ‘Shadow Step’, and a hint that Assassins will be able to dual-wield weapons.

There seems to be a lot of doubt amongst the fans, just from reading a couple of forum threads. There are no press releases on the official Guild Wars website, probably because they want to whet our appetites, but I have to ask: Are our chains being yanked?


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  1. Dyannamika
    17 November 2005 at 00:26

    Woo-hoo assassins! This is giving me happy feelings.

  2. 17 November 2005 at 09:22

    I’m guessin’ it is for real, though I haven’t even seen pics to prove it. It sounds pretty snazzy, although I for one hope it’s not the only new profession for next year.

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