Mario Kart DS = Therapy

Geek on Stun uses Mario Kart DS to help heal a broken heart. It’s so simple!

I’m waiting patiently for DS colours that I want to come Stateside. Come on, Pure White! Meanwhile, if someone wants to donate a DS and Mario Kart DS to me for my mental and emotional well-being, I wouldn’t oppose it. I’d still spring for a better colour later on, though, because I am that picky.

  2 comments for “Mario Kart DS = Therapy

  1. 29 November 2005 at 09:19

    Don’t feel bad about being picky. Sure, I screwed up the mic input on my first silver DS, but we all know I was willing to risk it because the blue model was calling me…

  2. 1 December 2005 at 14:09

    When things fell through with the girl I was after, I used Battlefield 2 to take my heart ache away

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