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Forgot to mention that I found, through a former GameStop co-worker, a bunch of people to go to the show with me. Four of us used to work at GameStop, so I do know some people, though not very well. One of my other friends is going, too. In all that makes eight in the group. Should be good fun.

EDIT: Apparently, all the Video Games Live shows have been cancelled except for the Seattle and Vancouver shows! This vexes me greatly.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Video Games Live will not be playing many of the shows scheduled for this fall. We will however be playing the Seattle and Vancouver shows on October 29 and October 30. Furthermore, plans are being made for additional shows in specific markets across North America for 2006.

Been busy with D&D at the weekend, which is good. It gets me out of the house, meeting new people. It also gets my creative and tactical brain functions working again, a distraction which I sorely need.

My character, poor girl, nearly died again. Three weeks ago, it was from an Orc Ranger leaping down from a tree and cutting her down to 1 Hit Point. A fortnight ago, it was from an Orc Fighter who got a lucky shot whilst stumbling around in the Darkness she had cast. Again, cut down to 1 Hit Point in one blow. Yesterday, it was from a poisoned cloud from a trap that she had triggered due to (me) being an idiot and not answering the magical “gatekeeper’s” (disembodied voice guarding passageway) question correctly. She was actually dying. Dying! I think the DM was being nice to me, because after the party’s Cleric stabilised my character’s condition (bringing her up to 1 Hit Point!), he didn’t make her do loads of Fortitude Checks to see whether Rui got worse or better or what. Rogues may do it from behind, but we sure don’t get many Hit Points to work with.

I am simply dreading the Halloween game coming up. I don’t want my character to die. I worked very hard on giving her an interesting backstory, and I’m still discovering what her personality is like.

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  1. Dyannamika
    28 October 2005 at 03:42

    You know, characters at low levels are easy to almost kill. Don’t worry until you hit -10. But the thing with teiflings and Aasmaars, is they can’t be raised from the dead.

  2. 28 October 2005 at 07:34

    I may well know the numbers, but she doesn’t. All she knows is that she thought she nearly died three times in the span of three days, and this freaks her out. She’s going to be really paranoid for the Halloween game, which is just as well because I, the player, am afraid that she may end up dead this Sunday.

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