New Guildie

Soon, the Callers of Cthulhu guild will welcome a new member. My friend, Doc Jitters, got Guild Wars for his birthday last week. Maybe when we get a few more members, we might try PvP. For now, we’re going to continue playing the RPG part of the game.

There’s an interview with the Guild Wars Community Relations Manager on GameSpot with some teasers on the next chapter of Guild Wars. It’s coming in the first half of 2006. Maybe by that time, I’ll have reached Level 20 and Ascended.

I’m a little frustrated by the pace at which I’m progressing, however I prefer to play the storyline missions with my friends. Delays due to scheduling are inevitable. I have a full time job and only so many hours to devote to gaming. My guildmates are full time students, in a time zone that is five hours ahead of me. Playing on the weeknights is an impossibility unless they stay up super late. So that leaves the precious Saturdays and Sundays. We all have non-gaming demands on our time at the weekend. Finding mutually good times to play is going to be slightly more difficult, now that there are more schedules to work around.

Today, the world guild ladder is reset and the Guild Wars World Championship begins. Guilds from around the world will be competing, and the higest ranking guilds will travel to Taipei, Taiwan in 2006 for the Finals. I’ve never tried PvP. The prospect of PvP is nerve-wracking for me. I’d much rather play on a team of people I know, than jump into the arena grouped with random people. It’s still really cool, though.

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  1. Dyannamika
    1 October 2005 at 07:35

    It is true that one day our guild will become all powerful, but as our great tentacled lord mandates, we must be patient until he rises from the deep and calls us forth to unleash his bidding across Tyria.


    Damn. I’m going to get the expansion, I know.

  2. 1 October 2005 at 08:01

    Where are you post-sear?

  3. 1 October 2005 at 19:07

    We’ve finished up the Ascalon City, Piken Square, Sardelac Sanitarium, and Serenity Temple side quests (as far as I know). We just finished the Great Northern Wall Storyline Mission today. Next weekend, we will attempt to finish the Fort Ranik and Ruins of Surmia Storyline Missions. I think we will look for more side quests as well… If we have time.

  4. 3 October 2005 at 07:33

    I totally missed teh Sanitarium and Temple side quests :( Are they worth going back and picking up?

    I hit Kryta yesterday. It was nice to get away from the snow…

  5. 3 October 2005 at 07:59

    AFAIK, the Sanitarium offers quests for Necromancers and Mesmers. Not sure about Monk… And Serenity Temple has Mesmer and Elementalist quests.

    There might be one or two non-profession quests at the Temple, but I’ve forgotten… They aren’t worth more than 250xp each (500xp at the most), so if you’ve got quests that generate more than that, it might not be too worth it.

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