Video Games Live – Rescheduled Tour Dates

Congratulations…you have answered every question correctly! You are a true master in the world of video game music.

I am a master. Mua ha ha! I answered 15 out of 15 questions correctly on the Video Games Live Name That Tune. How this is possible without having played a fair number of the games in the quiz or heard the associated music? I have no idea.

The rescheduling of the tour now means that I will be able to attend. Hooray! The DC show was originally scheduled the same weekend of Otakon, so obviously I would have had to miss it. I’m going to the one on 19th November. Not sure if any of my friends/acquaintences will go, but I’ve set the ball rolling. If it turns out that they aren’t interested or unavailable, damn it, I am still going. I don’t know whether I should buy two tickets in the off chance that I will find someone to go with, or just buy one for myself… I wonder what the refund policy is… I guess I will see how much they cost before deciding.