The Escapist Gives Props to Dice-Rolling

This week’s The Escapist covers the huge influence that table-top gaming has had on video games. I usually don’t read The Escapist ‘cover-to-cover’ as it were. Sometimes I see one or two articles I’m interested in, and click on through. Usually, I just read the headlines. However this week I may just have to find the time to read more than just the headlines.

At some point I will write about how I got into RPGs (the non-video game kind). I don’t know if people are interested my personal gaming history, but I see by my (ZOMG invisble) hit counter, that more than one person actually does visit this site regularly. And a few people use Bloglines to read my ramblings via syndication feed. I don’t know who else reads the feed through some other means. Anyway, I guess I will continue to write whatever game-related nonsense that pops into my head, since I have a small audience who appear to be interested in what I write. Cheers.

  5 comments for “The Escapist Gives Props to Dice-Rolling

  1. 7 September 2005 at 10:10

    I’m interested! I always find “origin stories” fascinating, but that’s the historian in me.

  2. 8 September 2005 at 00:14

    What can I say! You’re really interesting. :P

  3. 10 September 2005 at 12:45

    Yup, keep slingin’ out them gaming thoughts. Beats the shameless reblogging I seem to have fallen into. :)

    What kind of dice RPGs have you tried, or is it a case of the list being rather long? I played a bastardised version of D&D meets Fighting Fantasy with friends at school (a while back then) and now have weekly roleplaying sessions with work people. Og, Paranoia, Conspiracy X, post-apocalyptic GURPS… top stuff. :)

  4. 10 September 2005 at 15:32

    Nah, the list isn’t that long. It’s embarassingly short, but all will be revealed in due course!

  5. 16 September 2005 at 19:39

    i’m one of those bloglines people. :)

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