Must… Resist… The Cuteness…

OMG. I was looking for Alien wallpapers on the internets and I came across these:

Aliens (and Predator) plushies!

I particularly like both the Alien Queens (middle row, left and centre), especially the one with the chains, but the Drones and the Predator are cute as well. Not so enamoured of the Chestbursters (the one on the bottom row, centre, is a Queen), but the Facehugger with Egg is nice (bottom row, left).

I saw them on Forbidden Planet, but I will resist looking for a place that sells them over here. I really shouldn’t spend money on cute plush toys. *glances guiltily at (small, I assure you!) plushie collection*

On a related note, does anyone remember the Alien vs. Predator arcade game made by Capcom in 1994?

Image Hosted by

Alien vs. Predator was a side-scrolling beat-em-up in which up to three players could play simultaneously. You could choose from one of two Predators to play, or one of two humans. I usually played as the Predator Warrior, and my brother played as the Predator Hunter. Sometimes I played as Linn Kurosawa, but mainly I was the Warrior. It featured the anime-style art that Capcom was known for, as seen in games like Street Fighter Alpha or Street Fighter Third Strike. It’s a shame Alien vs. Predator never made it to consoles, because it was such fun.

I was watching Aliens over the weekend, which is why I was looking for wallpapers. :>

  7 comments for “Must… Resist… The Cuteness…

  1. 12 September 2005 at 20:33

    AvP ‘teh’ best! I still play once in a while thanks to Mame. Now that I think about it I never checked to see how it plays on PSPmame.

    /me goes off to check…

    (The plushies are cool too.)

  2. 13 September 2005 at 00:24

    I like the alien plushies, with their little mouths coming out of their little mouths! Pwecious!

  3. 13 September 2005 at 04:52

    Have to agree, AvP arcade was totally top. Looked and played great.

    PSP MAME you say? Already? I really should put my 1.50 to good use

  4. 14 September 2005 at 05:55

    I must protest. Alien Vs Preditor did make it to consoles, at least the SNES. Unfortunatly it was terrible, not nearly as good as the arcade game, which, to this day, is my favorite of all time.

  5. 14 September 2005 at 05:58

    Ah, but the SNES version was published not by Capcom, but by Activision, and it was released before the arcade beat-em-up. I don’t think the two games are related in any way.

  6. 19 September 2005 at 06:03

    None of which was as good as the original comic, which I think is one of the finest comics ever.

    And Brin its got a strong kick ass female lead, which I dont think was patronised or sexed up in any way. Mind I was young at the time.

  7. 22 September 2005 at 22:20

    Too bad I don’t have the 1.50 firmware on my PSP, so I can’t enjoy the fun of having PSPmame on my little device. But you don’t know how happy I was to find that rom for AvP.

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