Denied RPG/Side-Scrolling Shooter Goodness

Crap. Before I went on holiday, I checked the release date of Sigma Star Saga with the GameStop I shop from. The Manager told me that the release was 29th August. This meant that it would be in stores on 30th August. This was perfect, because I’d be home from holiday at that point. I had pre-ordered this game a couple of months ago, because I knew it would sell out. I just phoned the store, and they informed me that the game was released a couple weeks ago. What. The. Fuck. I didn’t get an automated phone call about it. A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling. Maybe I was on the plane when the phone call came through. I remember that I gave my mobile number to the store for this particular game. However, if I did get the call on the plane, shouldn’t my mobile tell me that I had a missed call? Oh well.

GameStop does not hold pre-ordered games for more than 48 hours, so naturally the copy of the game that should have been mine has been sold to some random asshat who didn’t have the foresight pre-order it. Mother fucker! The guy on the phone, whom I do not know, said that they would be getting more copies in the coming weeks, but I know that this possibility is totally random. They have no way to predict what games will be shipped to their store.

I don’t know if I feel like calling them every couple of days to see whether the game is there or not. *sigh* But my store credit is still sitting there, so I guess there is no choice but to visit the store at some point, and my visit might as well include the purchase of a game I want.

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  1. 30 August 2005 at 14:09

    Hey, if you’re talking about the Gamestop that you recommended to me lo these many months ago, in Fair City Mall, can you check to see if they’ve got copies of Trace Memory in? That’s not supposed to be released for another month, but I’d swear that I saw it behind the counter the last time I was there.

  2. 30 August 2005 at 14:18

    I’m a total geek for having their number on my mobile… Anyway, they told me that Trace Memory will be out on 26th September.


  3. 30 August 2005 at 14:24

    Guess I’m just hallucinating then.

    Isn’t it funny how a game released in Europe already, in English no less, takes so long to make it over here?

    Que extraño.

    And this has been your American-centric moment for today.

  4. 30 August 2005 at 23:17

    This whole concept of pre-ordering stuff is rather lame. I wanted to pick up Advent Rising for the PC on the day it was released–without pre-ordering it, knowing the demand wouldn’t be that high–but the Gamestop clerk told me that they didn’t get it in because apparently they just don’t receive the title at all if no one pre-orders it.

    So, somewhat hilariously, despite the fact that Advent Rising’s release date was like 3 weeks ago, that Gamestop still has the fake “coming soon” pre-order box on its shelves. Apparently it won’t recognize the fact that the game is actually available until someone orders it, which makes me wonder how this retail store has any advantage over ordering games online.

  5. 31 August 2005 at 06:48

    This is why I generally pre-order through Amazon. I rarely do this at all, but on some titles (like UT2004), it’s important to me and it usually ends up at the office around the same time it hits some stores, and sometimes before it hits some local Best Buys (which I’ve found dreadfully slow in stocking titles at times)

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