D&D One-Off

Here’s some information on my character for that one-off game of Dungeons & Dragons I mentioned previously:

Name: Morag Kincade
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Level: 5
Hit Points: 90 (We were allowed full Hit Points.)

I totally rolled these stats (I have an eye witness!):

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 18 (I bumped this one up to 19 because you can increase a Stat by 1 when you reach a certain Level. 4? 5? I’m no good at remembering these things.)
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 15

So far, I have been fairly lucky in rolling my D&D character stats. I’ve had the best luck with Morag as compared to the others. Maybe I will get to use her again. One day. Shite, with stats like these, I wish I could use her again at some point!

I based Morag’s concept on the Barbarians of the Tribes of the Dragon found in my first D&D campaign, which I played years ago in London. The Barbarian that traveled with our party in that game was so bad-ass. I was really impressed with him, because he was such an awesome warrior. Sadly, he is now dead. He died honourably, though.

Morag Kincade stands at about 5 foot, 11 inches tall, and weighs about 155 pounds. Her build is quite athletic and fairly toned. The most immediately striking aspect of her are her intricate tribal tattoos (in blue ink), which cover every visble part of her body, including her face. She has wild, white-blonde hair decorated with bits of feather and bone. Her hair is always unruly, and hangs just to the base of her neck. She has a confident, but crazy look to her eyes, and when she speaks to you her gaze is intense. Her eyes seem to be almost white, but you can see a bit of blue in them if you look hard enough. Her skin is oddly pale, for a Barbarian, making her tattoos stand out all the more. Morag definitely appears intimidating.

Morag carries a finely-made and wicked-looking Claymore (Great Sword +1, I believe) strapped to her back. She has a very nice, deep crimson cloak (Cloak of Resistance), and when she moves about perhaps you can catch a glimpse of a shiny shirt (Mithril) underneath her top layer of clothing.

Maybe I will draw a picture of her at some point, although designing the tattoos would take a bit of effort. :-P

Here’s a quick rundown of the battles:

The first fight was against a powerful magic user, a Half Dragon, and an Ogre (might have been a Half Ogre). Anyway, they were really strong and stuff. They did quite a lot of damage to everyone. I was on 15 HP by the end of the battle, which was cutting it very close, since Barbarians lose a bunch of HP (10?) after their Rage runs out.

The circumstances of the final fight was very Aliens-eqsue. Except the baddies had four arms, poisonous bites, and were resistant to fire and all sorts of shit. Oh, and they don’t drag you off to become gestators for their broodlings; they just eat you. Forgot what those creatures were called… Anyway, Morag did quite a lot of damage to one of them, but she eventually got munched, like the others.

I had fun that evening. One of Dyannamika’s friends made curry, which was very nice. They also had music playing, some of which had been created by a couple of them for a Ravenloft campaign. There was a lot of reminiscing about past campaigns, characters, and events. It made me nostalgic for playing with the London D&D group, because I really liked the whole experience, the people, my character, and the DMing.

Damn, D&D is fun.

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  2 comments for “D&D One-Off

  1. 17 August 2005 at 08:14

    “Damn D&D is fun”

    Only with a good DM. My last PnP session was with a DM who was a great guy, but totally into the combat micromanagment. The story was kind of lost in the whole “where are you standing on the grid map?”

    Great character roll you have there. I don’t get numbers like that unless I cheat in Icewind Dale or edit my Nethack file.

  2. 17 August 2005 at 10:43

    Yeah, you’re right there Troy. If you have a shite DM the game can really suckz0r.

    Ha, but we did have fun!

    I really almost fell over when Brinstar rolled her stats. Damn!

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