Capes: How Dramatic

Thanks to pooling our resources, Dyannamika’s hard work, and the generosity of her friends, the Callers of Cthulhu [Cthu] now have capes! Originally, we thought that the random squiggly thing would be an ideal emblem, because if you squint, it resembles a mass of tentacles. The emblem would have been silver on a black field, possibly with flames coming up from the bottom and the sides of the cape. However, in the end, we decided to forego an emblem altogether. There is no way that we could have a unique cape if others were using the same database of emblems. The Callers of Cthulhu have no symbol, because we are enigmatic like that. Our cape is black with blue flames, and it is tattered and torn, you know, because we have been in so many battles. :-P I suppose anyone could make the same cape as ours, but why would anyone make a cape without an emblem? I have no idea! I know I just contradicted myself right there, but I’m a Caller of Cthulhu, my motives cannot be comprehended by the uninitiated.

Yes, we still only have two members in our guild. No, we aren’t recruiting yet (not that anyone at all has actually expressed interest in joining). Yes, I know there’s little point in a two-person guild. Yes, we are playing it relatively slowly.

Last night we had a good session, the first proper one since before my holiday. Loads of fun.

We had henchmen in our party, and it definitely makes battles a lot easier, especially since we had a tank. We both play spell casters (I am a Necromancer/Mesmer, she is an Elementalist/Monk) as our primary Profession, so having a tank at the front to absorb damage is key. Before henchmen, I had been using my Bone Minions to tank for us. It wasn’t always successful, since certain foes (such as rock-based monsters) don’t leave corpses, and because my Bone Minions have a limited life span. Having a Warrior around who is stronger than my undead servants, and who lives longer is nice.

Our other henchman was a Monk. I actually didn’t much notice her contribution to the party, but it could just be because I was preoccupied with fighting baddies. Still, it’s always good to have a Monk in the party.

A few weeks ago, I started a new character, a Ranger primary. Up to now, I still haven’t chosen a second profession. I honestly don’t know what to choose. I’m leaning towards Necromancer or Warrior, but I can’t decide.

I also started a Mesmer primary, a week after I started my Ranger. No clue as to what second profession to take for her, either. She is a low priority, since I’d rather focus on the other two. It’s hard to split my time amongst three characters.

The Mesmer character design is easily the weakest of all the Professions (in my personal opinion), yet the Mesmer has some of the best Skills in the game. I tried to make my Mesmer as pretty as I could, but the hairstyles that I had to work with were not the most eye-pleasing. What were they thinking? This is what they were thinking:

Let’s make a Profession that has the awesome ability to manipulate magic itself, but how about we make them look like poncy, arrogant drama rejects? Oh, and let’s make their dance really sucky, too.

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  1. 26 August 2005 at 18:06

    Our capes only highlight the mysteriousness of our enigmatic yet Eldrich guild.

    The emblems simply weren’t eldrich enough, but you can’t get more eldrich than blue flames!

    I have three characters at the moment too. I have a ele/monk (Chelice Nochvedza) and also a necro/monk (Ysebael Nochvedza, anyone who read my currently on hiatus soon to be off hiatus web-comic Enforcer Girls will recognise the first name), and also Iskaruu Nochvedza, my cute Mesmer/ranger. She has a cute kitty named Ezerti. Hmm.. I guess I really am borrowing from my comic. :P

    Anyways, we had a great time. For some reason though, I’m having trouble connecting to Arena net at the moment. It won’t connect at all. That makes me almost want to cry. :(

    Anyway, eventually we will become so powerful that people will want to write about us and our eldrich and sexy guild.

    Did I mention it was eldrich?

  2. 26 August 2005 at 18:08

    Wow, shameless plug, except you didn’t include the URL! Sloppy!

    When are you going to start it back up again, and put one of my characters in a cameo role?

  3. 26 August 2005 at 18:12

    Well, I am shameless. I think I’ll start it up again once I get this magic USB tablet nonsense. With that, I can do really nice pictures that look professional.

    The mouse just doesn’t have the refinement I need.

    I was thinking of scrapping it and starting a new one… but I have a soft spot for EG. :D

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