I am back from holiday and from working at Otakon. I guess I missed gaming blog reading. I did manage to check blogs at least once whilst I was away, but I don’t think I will have time to backtrack and catch up on every little thing.

People seem to think I’m some sort of uber hardcore gamer, and I guess I am more hardcore than others, but I actually do have other hobbies besides gaming. I just choose to write about gaming because it’s interesting.

I’ve already written about some gaming that transpired on my holiday, but I’ll write about Otakon now.

Otakon was fun, but I didn’t even get to set foot in the Video Game Room, because by the time I got around to even thinking about video games after my duties, the room had closed for the night (midnight on Friday and Saturday), or I had to do something else (e.g. on Sunday I just had to spend quality time in the Dealer Room to scope out bargains).

However, at the Otakon Staff Party, I played some games. I played Street Fighter Third Strike (PS2), and did reasonably well against one of the Video Game Staffers, better than the other girl who was playing. I also played Guilty Gear X2 on the Xbox, and for a time, I had the Xbox to myself. That’s a fun game.

I haven’t played it much in the past. The character designs are so outrageous and cool. They are more interesting than Street Fighter, although I have a special place in my heart for Street Fighter characters. In Guilty Gear I like Testament, Baiken, Eddie, and that guy who walks backwards and is possessed. I forgot the last guy’s name. He’s like some twisted zombie, because he seems to be controlled by someone else. He’s a bit disturbing, which is part of the reason why I like him. There are other characters I think I would find cool, but I didn’t have a long time to play it, since Dyannamika phoned and then after I was talking to her, everyone started hogging the machine. I want to get this game for my PS2.

They also had a GameCube with the Naruto fighting game on it, though I think it was newer or older game than the one I have played before. I played that many times at one of the other Otakon Staff parties, and so I didn’t play it the other night. It gets a little old after a while, even though I haven’t seen any Naruto. I guess if I knew the anime better, I would have played it more.

Red Octane had a booth in the Dealer Room and they had some metal pads there. They were demo-ing In the Groove, which I suppose I must play, since I like dance games.

So that was gaming at Otakon. For me, at least.

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  1. 23 August 2005 at 16:20

    Welcome home, you were missed!

    I love the new header graphic.

  2. 24 August 2005 at 10:11

    The new header is in celebration of the fact that I got Dyannamika addicted to Katamari Damacy. *raises fist in triumph*

    And because I like the game, too. :-P

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