Start: Second Life

I read on Wonderland that Second Life are offering free basic accounts until the 13th of July. I’ve been curious about this game, so I joined. Basic accounts can’t own land, but you can change your appearance as much as you want.

This is my character, Torvus Overdrive:

Cool, huh? I’d like to give her claws and fangs. I would have to buy those from someone who makes them… I bought this outfit you see her wearing. It also came with another top and trousers. Good deal!

It’s incredible. I was in this store and they were selling bodies for your avatar, and I don’t mean clothing; I mean the naughty bits. They sell complete body and clothing kits, so you can change everything in your appearance all at once. Amazing! I’ve seen furries walking around. There was this little racoon and some foxes. I also saw Jedi with light sabres as well! Some people are even walking around naked.

I’m probably not going to play this game intensely, but it is interesting. I haven’t really chatted to anyone in-game, though. I’m kind of shy! Anyway, I flew around a lot and had a look around. It’s a pretty cool world, but I don’t know if this is my cup of tea. It all seems a bit aimless, since I can’t own land, but changing my appearance is still fun.

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  1. dyannamika
    10 July 2005 at 18:24

    Wow, SEXE avatar. ;)


    he he he

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