Preachers and Haters

Christian evangelical types are making video games to spread their message, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before white supremacist groups decided to make games as well. National Alliance‘s Resistance Records produces the game, entitled Ethnic Cleansing.

From the Review section on their site, comes this gem:

“…I believe this game is going to be extremely popular — and it will touch the hearts of thousands of White people because it’s not intellectual — it’s entertainment, and that’s why it delivers a very powerful message. Every young elementary school kid who plays this game will have visions of killing Ariel Sharon while sitting in class! When their history teacher asks the class if they’ve ever heard of Israel or Ariel Sharon, the White kids certainly will have!”

“…If there isn’t already one being planned, I wouldn’t be surprised if an “Ethnic Cleansing Fan Club” starts up on the internet. Many players can compare notes and strategies in one of these clubs. I wonder if there is a special combination of keys that when pressed, gives the player supernatural powers?”

“…I guess I’ve gone over the edge. I have become an Ethnic Cleansing junkie, and if you sold T-shirts with the Ethnic Cleansing logo, I’d buy one.”

– Rob M.”

And the game not without its detractors:

“You should all go to hell for even creating such a disgusting piece of shit. I can’t believe people are still around who are so shallow and create things like games to kill jews and blacks! People can’t choose what race or religion they are at birth, and they shouldn’t be discriminated for being a different color. Whites are the minority, you know! And what is with your kill-the-jew concept? Just because jews don’t agree with some things, means you should kill them off? You people are disgusting! And it makes me even more angry because I am a jew. You should be ashamed for even making a site so repulsive. So go and fuck yourselves, you disgusting bastards.



The internet can be a scary place…

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