Such a Good Customer

I went to GameStop last night. Objective: move my reservation for Killer 7 to some other game. Reason: I want to read some reviews for Killer 7 before purchasing it. The game looks cool and all, but I’ve been reading previews of its control system which are slightly unfavourable. I am still interested in it, though not enough to buy it at launch.

I decided to move the reserve to Sigma Star Saga, since a side-scrolling space shooter/RPG game sounds like the best game concept ever. I love scrolling shooters, and I love RPGs. I have read good things about this one, and it’s a GBA game, so it won’t cost quite as much as Killer 7 at launch.

As I was chatting to the manager-on-duty, I noticed a row of cute little plush dogs sitting on the shelf behind the register. I asked him what game it was for. He thought it was for Nintendogs, but it was for Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (also known as Harvest Moon for Girls, because it features a girl as the main character, unlike previous incarnations of the Harvest Moon series). However he told me that if I reserved Nintendogs, he’d give me the plushie. How could I resist a cute little Harvest Moon dog? My Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life plush cow would be lonely! And let’s be honest: I’ve been so interested in Nintendogs right when I first heard about it in the middle of last year. I will buy a DS; it’s only a matter of time. It also depends on what additonal colours are released in the US — yes, I do care what colour my handheld is. So… I pre-ordered Nintendogs.

The good thing about reserving games, at least at GameStop, is that you can move the reservation to a different game, use it towards another purchase, or get your money back, whenever you want. So basically, I have store credit sitting there, waiting for me to use, even if I don’t get Nintendogs at launch.

Because I know from experience how much pressure the employees are put under to secure game reservations and subscriptions to Game Informer/GameStop discount cards, it’s no big deal to part with $5.00 that I can claim later. Apparently, since I quit GameStop, they’re under even more pressure to sell subs and reserves. If they don’t sell a certain number of subs/reserves for two or three days in a row, they will get written up. Harsh! And I don’t know if people are aware of this, but GameStop employees do not earn commission. Thank goodness I don’t work there anymore. I always sucked at selling subs/reserves. Great with customers, bad at selling.

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