Only Peripherally Related to Gaming

I haven’t seen my Nintendo football (soccer) jersey in about a month (perhaps longer). I think it got sucked into the laundry black hole.

I love this shirt. It’s made of that woven polyester that is breathable and all high-tech. It’s a navy blue short sleeve shirt, and it has a white stripe that goes down each of the arms. The Nintendo logo is on the upper left corner of the front of the shirt in white. Most importantly, it’s my size! It fits me very well. There are hardly any video game-related shirts that I like that do fit. Even a Men’s Small is a little big for me, which was why I was pleased to stumble upon this shirt on eBay. The seller was a booth babe (she called herself a model) at E3 2004.

Where is it?!

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  1. Dyannamika
    6 June 2005 at 02:59

    Oh no! I’m sure it’s somewhere… Perhaps the “sock monster” (the beast that is notorious for eating my socks so that I have no pairs) has expanded his desires and gone for jerseys as well.

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