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  1. Anonymous
    9 June 2005 at 03:46

    Someone shoot her, then him, then IGn, and then me and then everyone, sweet fuck…

  2. Dyannamika
    9 June 2005 at 05:57

    I… I am so… shocked and horrified… that… I can’t think of any smart-ass comments!!!!

  3. 9 June 2005 at 07:09

    To be perfectly frank, I am repulsed by that individual.

    Maybe she really is a gamer and enthusiast. Maybe she has commentary worth listening to. Maybe she isn’t some paid shill for IGN.

    Doesn’t seem likely though, does it?

  4. Dyannamika
    9 June 2005 at 12:28

    Hmm, Corvus, if there’s money on the line, I’d go for shill. As a gamer girl, and someone who does meet other gamer girls for a while, I’m just astonished. Of course… then again, maybe she was just misrepresented… but really… I have my doubts.

  5. 9 June 2005 at 12:49

    She supposedly writes for RedAssedBaboon.com, however to me, her journalistic (blogger-istic?) integrity is suspect, since her biggest claim to fame in recent months is for licking PSPs. That is, apart from the exploitation (though she probably doesn’t see it that way) by IGN.com.

    IGN has sucked for years now, so this sort of shite is hardly surprising from the company that bought AskMen.com.

    Quote from the IGN.com President and CEO: “IGN has always been about the gamer and male lifestyle“. End quote.

  6. 9 June 2005 at 13:33

    The picture of her in the bathing suit screams “cheap exploitation” to me. I’m not a big fan of her articles either, because I think they’re pretty shallow. The one about not minding sexism in games made my flesh crawl.

    Luckily, it’s amazing how you can tell that she’s one of those 15-minute phenomenon.

  7. 9 June 2005 at 19:54

    Actually, now that I look at it, that article is part of a whole “babes of IGN series.” Lovely.

  8. 11 June 2005 at 04:52

    Looks like we’re not alone in our assessment.

  9. 12 June 2005 at 18:48

    hmmm, have any of you read her column on RAB? Have any of you chatted with her on line?

  10. Anonymous
    12 June 2005 at 19:02

    Hey, shes hot, she likes video games, Japan, anime, and again, shes HOT. Whats with all the bashing anyways? Jealous?
    Heh, if licking her PS2 worked for her, good for her.

    Honestly, the world would be a much cooler place with more girls like her around.

    Dynnamika if you feel offended as a gamer girl cuz shes also hot…heh, wonder what that says bout you.

    And corvus, dude, im not even gonna start with you, but i will say your stash is beyond ridiculous

  11. Dyannamika
    13 June 2005 at 02:39


    Well, I can admit that she is an attractive girl. But my point is, that I have doubts that she is REAL… I think she’s acting in a certain way in order to give herself more attention. And that is the problem I have with her.

  12. 13 June 2005 at 02:49

    Anonymous: You seem fixated on her hotness, which is missing the entire point of why many of us expressed distaste over her attention-seeking. If you read what Hitomikan said, then you’ll be getting a bit closer to understanding.

    I don’t see why she has to make a big deal about being a woman. I understand why IGN makes a big deal about her, though.

    What I find constantly annoying whenever someone mentions a particular girl gamer, within the same breath they always make a comment on her appearance: “So and so is a girl, and she’s a gamer, and whoa, she’s also hot!”

    This isn’t limited to gaming, either. It happens all the time in areas where the presence of women is unusual (or even sometimes not). Like, you’ll be watching TV, and they introduce a woman as “intelligent, outspoken, and beautiful”. And yet, they wouldn’t introduce a guy as “intelligent, outspoken, and handsome” (unless it’s one of those Hollywood news shows). They wouldn’t.

    Do you see many articles lauding the hotness of gamer guys? No. Would a guy who licked PSPs and who was also attractive get the same kind of approval as Chobot? Would he get articles on IGN devoted to how he was a gamer, liked anime, and was hot? Probably not.

    Anonymous, the next time you make a comment here, do yourself a favour by actually thinking before you post.

  13. 13 June 2005 at 03:43

    Joe Beach: I am not discounting her as a gamer and a writer, however such actions serve to draw attention away from her skills in those respects, and simply highlight that “OMFG she’s so hot and she’s a girl and OMG she plays video games”.

    And sorry, but I dont see guy gamer writers doing that sort of thing: “Hey look at me! I’m an attractive games writer!”

    I guess what I don’t like is that, while she may be a good writer and a good reviewier, the IGN article seems mainly to focus on her appearance. Which I feel is a disservice to her.

    However, I don’t think she feels that way, so I guess it’s okay…? :-/

  14. 14 June 2005 at 01:37

    “hmmm, have any of you read her column on RAB?”

    Yes, prior to making my ‘shill’ comment. I did not see anything in her posts that would indicate she had anything even remotely more interesting than her appearance to offer the gaming community. If I am incorrect, I welcome evidence of it.

    “And corvus, dude, im not even gonna start with you, but i will say your stash is beyond ridiculous”

    Thanks! I will say that the fact you could only comment on my physical appearance is evidence that you missed the point of the entire conversation.

    I don’t have a problem with models, in general. I have a problem with the substitution of physical attractiveness for substance.

  15. Dyannamika
    14 June 2005 at 02:52

    I read some of her comments… and I agree with you Corvus…

    Acutally, if you want a really hot gamer, you should see Brinstar. Wow! ;) Smart and beautiful.

  16. 14 June 2005 at 14:17

    Quiet, you. LOL. =)

  17. Anonymous
    17 June 2005 at 09:01

    Jessica’s hot, has an opinion, some people are jealous. Wow, who woulda guessed that?

  18. 17 June 2005 at 09:50

    Honestly. The mindlessness with which your people are leaving comments on my blog is staggering. If you bothered to read and truly understand the views of myself and others, you would would probably think twice before unleashing your idiocy upon the internet.

    If you are so unwilling to even sign a pseudonymn to your comments, how am I possibly to take what you say seriously? If you can’t support your comments with a name or an alias, then it shows how little respect you ascribe to your own point of view.

    If you paid any attention, I wasn’t actually as hard on Chobot as you lot think I was. Regardless of her skills or intelligence, the focus of the IGN article has been on her appearance, her skill at licking PSPs, and how she is every fanboy’s dream. The IGN article lacked depth, and it lacked insight. It also did not portray her in a way that was conducive to promoting her intelligence.

    As Corvus said, the substitution of appearance for substance is what the point is. Not how hot she is, and whether or not people are jealous.

    When you anonymous commenters learn how to intelligently debate, please return. Until then, don’t bother.

  19. 17 June 2005 at 12:24

    We get a taste of some of her writing skills here. http://insider.ign.com/teasers/626/626618.html

    Even for IGN, that’s a pretty unimpressive teaser.

  20. Anonymous
    24 June 2005 at 00:57

    I’m a guy. And I am not the other anonymouse on here. After reading that article at IGN and getting thoroughly annoyed and pissed off, I decided to see if anyone else thought she was as absolutely stupid as I thought, and I came across here.

    other anonymous, did you bother to READ what she wrote and absorb it? The lady is a total fraud and a hypocrite, hell she even said it herself. After writing an article talking about how nintendogs sucked she finally decided to play it and get addicted? what kind of crap is that? honestly. Not to mention her “so what xbox can dl games too” BS. I mean, come ON, hell I know people with modded xbox with all the games, but that by no means makes the revolution stupid. She totally missed the point of ACCESSIBLITY. And her comment about the Revolution looking like a playstation DOESNT EVEN MAKE SENSE. AT ALL. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD if you’re not gonna use your BRAIN at least use your EYES. They’re a very important part of gaming. Her opinions are absolutely mindblowingly MINDLESS.

    So yeah, she’s hot, big deal. But just becdause she “plays games” by no means makes her a gamer.

    oh yes, and a retort such as “you must be ugly” or “you’ve probably never been laid” are #1 false and #2 further proof that you have nothing intelligible to say, just like chobot.

    I have much more to say, but frankly I’m too pissed off at how many people are so easily mislead by a pretty face. And no, I am not ugly.

    Cheers to real gamers out there.

  21. 27 June 2005 at 13:55

    She sucks.

  22. Anonymous
    28 June 2005 at 23:27

    your all morons, she is a real hardcore gamer, now stfu

  23. Anonymous
    28 June 2005 at 23:41

    Damn everyone read the interview at ign, an got all that from it.
    I just happen to get to it after seeing her on
    Hell the question asked by ign where pretty lame to start with.
    Shit i’m losing my ability to read between the line’s, but hell you all seem to read them with a microscope.
    Like the Black Eye Peas say “Where is the Love?”

  24. 29 June 2005 at 10:39



  25. Anonymous
    2 July 2005 at 22:25

    Jesus you guys are so damn unforgiving. I f dont like her then so what. You dont have too. She’s a pretty female who got lucky. You guys are being really hard on someone whos just taking what they can get. Brinstar for someone with such an elaborate vocabulary I would assume that would have some more class. Your wasting your time ranting about someone who got lucky. You want to get mad at someone then get mad at someone who deserves the anger. I dont see whats the big deal about her licking the PSP but hey it’s cool. I didnt kill anybody. You dont have to be a geek or sexually deprived to realize that shes cute. Thats what sells. You should all know that. Im terribly shocked that fellow gamers would speak of one of their own like that. Truthfully, it’s very difficult to find female gamers around my area period not to mention that if the are lesbian or ugly. Anyhow give it up fellas. Shes just another pretty face. I never thought that would be a problem. AND STOP READING INTO WHAT SHE SAID IN THE INTERVIEW! Its not in a medical journal and its not that important. How bout you read something more important. Why would you want to absorb an article from IGN. Lets be serious adults here.

  26. Anonymous
    4 July 2005 at 09:00

    not the other anonymous….just a simple traveler bumped into this site..

    read all of the comments and man you guys are serious…I like that..gamers need to be serious but don’t any one of you guys actually appreciate a female gamer…okay you did..so why criticise one?…because of her review? well that is HER opinion not yours…she has the rights to do so…different people gives out differrent opinion, right?..she sucks in journalism? thats her problem…why be mad?…you’re not going to die reading them anyway…If you don’t like them…don’t read them…there are many other articles around the internet..read those..

    so some says she is hot…thats her attributes…you are what you are…
    she licks the PSP..shes the crazy one not you…

    think carefully before doing something is better than doing something without thinking ,right?..
    anyway, all in all we are all gamers..thats a fact.

    -Life is as hard as your ego-

  27. Anonymous
    4 July 2005 at 10:48

    ah you out to give her a chance, im sure shes a sweetheart. peace

  28. 4 July 2005 at 22:47

    You guys are totally over reacting,. I’m sure her stuff is edited by some managing editor who adds certain things to it or subtracts certain things that make it read as such, and the fact that she’s pretty means nothing (imho, she’s hot.. uhem). But i like her writing style, cause it’s simple and doesn’t talk down, i like her little artilces because they seem to make sense and aren’t talk downish as we’re used to.

    To say that she is a shill, is just mindless (although i’d admit it, it’d be damn smart on igns part!) Shee seems like a sweet, cute woman that plays games and is into alot of stuff all us other geeks are.

    try to imagine her article as if she was a guy, and maybe you’ll look at the article different!

  29. I hate Corvus
    9 January 2006 at 15:18

    I just wanted to say that Jessica Chobot is pretty smart for exploiting her best assets and having fun while doing it. She might not be the brightest journalist out there, but shes allright. And lets face it, if her hotness got her to where she is, I dont see why that should be a problem for any of you, sinmlpy dont read her articles and thats that. After all, thats how this world works. If no one is gonna read her, then shes gonna quit writing and thats it. But if shes still online, well, something seems to be working for her. And all of you female gamers that feel offended cuz shes selling the “sexy girl gamer image”, well do something about it instead of just acting jealous and talking crap.

    And just in case the name wasn’t clear enough, Corvus, you suck

  30. 10 January 2006 at 13:29

    I wish people would stop mistaking disapproval for jealousy. For the last fucking time: I am not jealous of that woman. I think that her methods are shallow and that the attention given to her is completely without merit.

  31. psp
    17 March 2006 at 07:16

    I have just read your blog and I had to leave a comment to bring to your attention that I believe it makes for facinating reading. I have bookmarked the site and will be a regular reader

  32. sneakers23
    20 March 2006 at 11:32

    I hate Corvus, djdaemoncel, + the last three anon’s …. total fucking agreement…. who gives a shit… chobot is a marketable personality devised to bring the gaming culture to the mainstream… maybe ign takes some journalistic liberties to promote her half-assed comments or maybe she is half-assed… my point is who gives a fuck? vented frustration aside, at the very least it helps to bring the gaming niche into wider acceptance. So what? she sells herself, alota people would, given that position. look at Oldgrandmahardcore, people love her cuz she’s an old gamer and a complete polar opposite of what chobot is in terms of looks, but the journalistic standard between them is far from great. Do we hate gramma because she sold out to the highest bidder? i mean, i dont get the whole sell-out counter culture shit, why can’t we just be like “hey thats fucking cool, you got some dough doing what you love? (we hope), great for you”… the world is all about marketability and she took advantage of it, at least she was being genuine, ignore her if you cant handle it. but why spend your effort on bringing her down, when if youre working on the same principle, you should be flaming on the whole corporate game scene?

  33. sheIsHot
    11 April 2006 at 02:13

    ur all guys and girls that have no lives but to pick and prey on other people’s lives. Shes hot, she plays games, has extensive knowledge( or so Jessica claims ) and is pretty much down to earth. Hell, she’s almost 30 years old, so whatever opportunity comes at her, she will be most likely to take it. Haven’t anyone of u mofos read her blog, and her rather bland life. A girl in her positition is destined to be a 15 minute wonder. So until her fame runs out, and another replacement comes along, just chill out mofos!

  34. 11 April 2006 at 03:56

    sneaker23: Gaming is mainstream. Gaming is not a niche. Old Grandma Hardcore, unlike Jessica Chobot, does not get paid for what she does. Old Grandma Hardcore does not use her appearance to gain popularity. Old Grandma Hardcore has a unique way of expressing herself, and this is what appeals to gamers.

    shIsHot: No one is saying that Chobot is not an opportunist. In fact, I agree with you. She is an opportunist. The problem is that she didn’t become popular for her writing skills or for her point of view, unlike Old Grandma Hardcore. Jessica Chobot became famous for licking a PSP and putting pictures of herself on the internet. Rather than getting a job at IGN for writing talent, she got it because she licked a piece of gaming hardware.

  35. sheIsHot
    11 April 2006 at 11:17

    I agree with u Brinstar. Itz just that some of these mofos in this forum have digressed from that point, I just wanted to readdress that in the most alarming way by adding in mofo here and mofo there.

    One more thing, is Morgan Webb a real gamer, or just some1 smarter than Ms.Chobot but also likes to talk about video games? ( I would definitely like to hear from you guys )

  36. sheIsHot
    11 April 2006 at 11:26

    Hey Brinstar, I heard some1 say u hot, can i see picture of you? You might just get the title sheIsHot, lol!

  37. 11 April 2006 at 12:05

    sheIsHot: From all accounts from my friends who have cable and watch Morgan Webb on TV, they say that Morgan Webb is a real gamer and she knows what she is talking about. The fact that she happens to be attractive is also why she is on television.

    Sorry, mate, I’m a little shy (and paranoid, and I value my privacy) when it comes to putting my picture on the internets, so you’ll just have to take Dyannamika’s word for it.

    I considered putting up the pictures of myself and the friends I met at the Game Developers Conference last month, but my shyness has sorta ruled out that idea now. Unfortunately, my Flickr photoset of the GDC doesn’t give a full picture of the fun I had without more pesonal pictures of me and other people, but oh well.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  38. 12 April 2006 at 11:09

    Clearly you’re not really a girl.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist it ;))

  39. Norenzo
    21 October 2006 at 07:00

    She is pretty and kind of sweet but compared to Jade Raymond from Ubisoft, there’s not competition. Jade is just gorgeous on every level.

  40. Chubleh
    3 November 2006 at 18:15

    I find it quite funny that most of the people standing for Chobot start out by commenting on her looks, such as ‘She’s hot’. :)

  41. silliebillie
    4 January 2007 at 13:02

    why is being a girl a detraction in any way??? Why is is even necessary to give any sort of “girl gamer” label anything? And WHY would we want to support the kind of admiration that makes one’s skin crawl? (I think admiration is accepted when it’s wanted, but creepy when it isn’t and when it’s accepted from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE – then where’s the control? where’s the personal connection and reciprocated admiration?)

    I’m all for admiring a person’s beauty, but when it’s a cop-out or an excuse rather than an addition to a person’s character and charm then it’s rendered pointless. Take Angelina Jolie, a general example of modern beauty, sure it can be contented, but it doesn’t need to be proven or compared, she is what she is and her beauty isn’t a negative (and she has the added so-called “negative” of having famous connections, but how many people care about that? Is that really what comes to mind first about her?).

    She never really had to consciously prove herself (as in she didn’t seem to focus on that as a part of the job), she just does what she does with comfort, ease, and with good humour. There’s inherent confidence in that. She can’t be pigeon-holed into anything, she’s not “some angry, feminist chick who potentially resembles the Michellin Man and depends on the anonymity of the interweb for courage” or “hot gamer girl” or “bimbo actress”, is she Angelina Jolie. Period. She’s not on some strange scale of hotness (well I suppose she is, but I can imagine she’d merely shrug her shoulders at them). Not a collection of notorious actions, list of very public jobs, not remembered for that weird time she kissed her brother or what have you.

    She doesn’t have to shake her fists in the air and go RESPECT ME, DAMNIT like some little kid trying to validate something that is half developed, half thought out. She can say “I don’t give a shit” and mean it rather than have it sound like a petulant protest. Also, who does not wish her joy? Who would rather see her be happy and enjoy her new family than waste time being jealous of her?

    everyone who calls Jessica Chobot a shameless opportunist and condones it has no heart (and seems satisfied with say money and not what money brings), no measure of what is empty and what is substantial. (aside – I’m personally upset with people who have so much – be it money, opportunity, etc., but squander it on actions tinged with indecision and insecurity) Though there’s nothing wrong with doing what you can to get ahead, there’s something wrong with it if you cannot support your actions, if you get mad at someone’s criticism.

    If a person’s truly okay with what they did, they do not lose their head nor their dignity in a fight for respect. How many people criticize Oprah Winfrey or Diane Sawyer without some grudging respect? Even someone who’s in the commonly seen as vapid rather than artistic profession of modelling such as Linda Evangelista. She knows what she’s good at and respects herself for it. These people are role models, are timeless and have something to contribute without even saying anything sometimes. These are examples of people who MAKE their profession respectful rather than hope for it through what they do. They don’t have to scrabble for any support they can possibly get. They DEMAND it and get it without jealousy.

    if everyone was chill all the time, we obviously wouldn’t get anywhere. and if everyone truly thought this was merely a debate about whether or not Chobot deserves what she has now, than the debate would have ended ages ago, disintegrating into an “is too/is not” argument. She fits into a bigger picture that obviously has much to contend with. If it’s always going to be about “girl gamers” pwning dudes in order to get respect, well then it’s pretty “eye for an eye”, with no end, no solutions and ultimately no point.

    Also why does there have to be THE ultimate girl rather than the ULTIMATE girl for who she’s right for? I would be VERY uncomfortable with being the ULTIMATE girl if the repect was not only unwarranted, but unwanted. I’d rather have one person truly respect me than a million people pulling me to pieces, admiring parts of me, then consequently having people HATE parts of me, and then even more tiresome, have other people make excuses for me. (e.g. “Why get upset over something unimportant? Someone who’s at the tailend of her 15 minutes of fame?” seems like a popular comment. WTF??? If that were directed me I’d be STEAMED. I would LIKE to be more than just a pretty face, thank you very much. I would like to be more than just some irrelevant little thing that can’t even be relevant in my own FIELD.)

    ps I’d rather love my critics than hate them. Take the Go Fug Yourself girls – they have fun with their critics, love them, hug them! Take their tough love and run with it. Hold your critics in your arms and whisper in their ear, “tell me more.” I’m sure some of it will be useful, will inspire you to love them for telling you the truth.

  42. gayBillie
    14 January 2007 at 16:12

    Wow i cant believe this thread is still going on. So anyways, my last comment for this thread is billie, your one gay dude.

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