Is Anyone Tired of Gender and Gaming Articles Yet?

Is it me, or is everyone really focused on women/gender and gaming these days? It’s becoming a little irritating. I’ve never seen so much written about this topic as I have this year. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, to be hypocritical, I will link to an article on gender and gaming. I found it nicely-balanced, and a decent read. It also says a bit about Samus, whom I adore, and The Boss, whom I am utterly intrigued by. I’m playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater right now, and this woman is so kick-ass. She’s also quite attractive. Her character design really stood out when all the pre-release hype was going around. Yes, I know the game has been out for ages. But, uh — gender and gaming. Right. Yes. Sorry, got distracted there for a moment. Here you go:

Venus or Mars? — The Uneasy Relationship Between Gaming and Gender

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  1. 1 July 2005 at 03:06

    Emm MGS 2 is better, the jungle is fun and its good to see that even big boss was a bit slow in the old head department. Just like Snake…runs in the family

  2. 1 July 2005 at 03:11

    I’ve sort of played MGS2. Long story. It will be told in my “First Play” review of MGS3 (which I will be sure to link to, when it’s up, which will be very soon). But, I’ve heard so much trash talk about MGS2, moreso than MGS3. The only solution is to play them both!

  3. 1 July 2005 at 04:18

    Ok MGS games are takes on the time so to be truthful SOL is my fave with its fractured Cartesian spiel and almost hate of the player its particularly striking.

    MGS3 is a bit sentimental for me, though it does intend to show the cold war as being a human conflict and as such free of borders and dependent on the person who acts.
    I mean they are all great games but none can match the first PS incarnation which was amazing, I loved snipping Wolf…without tranks.
    Happy happy memories.

  4. 1 July 2005 at 07:03

    What I’m most tired of reading is the same old article of “gee, there’s not a big demographic of women in games” or “Lara Croft is just fan service” or etc.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read an article try to focus seriously on characters done right or interviews with gamers about what they’d like to see or emergent genres, etc. It’s always more like “women will probably like Nintendogs”. OK … why? What is it about tamagutchis that have an appeal outside the normal gamer? What can we do with that?

  5. 1 July 2005 at 11:05

    I’m well past my limit on girl-gamer stuff. There was a time when I consumed this kind of stuff voraciously, but with the explosion in game blogs and the issue getting a lot of attention in Lowenstein’s E3 speech, there really isn’t a lot new to say at the moment.

    I once blogged on the lack of female gaming journalists – something I still find fascinating. But I don’t think that the female gamer thing can be pushed beyond where it is now until someone does some serious research.

    Girl developers I still find an interesting issue, but I’d like to see more stuff on race than gender at this point.

  6. 1 July 2005 at 11:26

    At least once a week, I read an account of a girl gamer’s experience with sexism or what have you. To most of them, it’s a new experience, and of course they want feedback and perhaps affirmation from their fellow girl gamers. It’s not a problem that they post such things, however when you’ve been reading a forum for a long time it gets mighty old.

    And since the media has caught on to this “growing phenomenon”, the tedium I feel with the issues become exacerbated, since it’s all re-hashing.

    Of course, these issues are important, and they should be addressed, but there’s no one answer to something as complex as this. And I guess that’s why people keep poking at it.

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