GTA: San Andreas Bridges

Why I Wish I Still Lived in the UK – Reason # 547: The Women in Games 2005 Conference at the University of Abertay Dundee. Just across the Tay from my alma mater. God, I’d be so there.

Whilst I am vaguely on the topic of Scotland and gaming, Rockstar North are located in Scotland; in Edinburgh in fact. They made Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I’m fairly sure that someone has already noticed this, but if you haven’t:

GTA: San Andreas – Garden Bridge, San Fierro (notice Kincaid Bridge in the Background):

Forth Road Bridge, Queensferry, Scotland, UK (just outside Edinburgh):

GTA: San Andreas – Kincaid Bridge, San Fierro (notice Garden Bridge in the background):

Forth Rail Bridge, Queensferry, Scotland, UK (just outside Edinburgh):

The Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Rail Bridge

Also, ‘San Andreas’ is translated to Saint Andrew in English. Which city is located about 60 miles north east of Edinburgh? Yes, it’s St. Andrews.

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  1. 30 June 2005 at 05:38

    Completely brilliant. I wonder what the density ratio of injokes per Rockstar game might be.

  2. 30 June 2005 at 08:53

    Emm Brin you have too much time. Plus GTA sucks and blows donkeys all at once, much more important was/is Creative Assembly.

    Also you ever seen Aguire

    And if your correct then is the further joke about how its such a rich sielnt sorta place…vis-a-vis the games violent and lame ouvre

  3. 30 June 2005 at 10:01

    Well, see, I haven’t actually played GTA: San Andreas. I just saw some screen shots, and thought, “Hey, that bridge looks familiar”. One of my friends pointed out the St. Andrews/San Andreas thing.

    I’m not overly interested in playing GTA: SA. GTAIII was fun and all, but I didn’t play it for the story. I just played it for the carjacking and killing. I don’t have it anymore (sold it). I may pick up Vice City, because the 80s era setting seems like cheesy fun, but who knows whether I’d finish the game if I started playing.

  4. Dyannamika
    30 June 2005 at 10:47

    Hmmm… not a surprise, there are easter eggs in many games. He he. Though I like the ref to St. Andrews.

    I played GTA once, and I ran around and hit people on the back of the head. After that I got beat-up by an old lady, quit the game, and went on to more interesting things, like playing Devil May Cry and watching Dante with his coat and silver hair… Ahh…. I have this thing about silver hair, with videogame and/or anime characters. Drives me crazy. Wooo.
    This coment had nothing to do with anything!

  5. 30 June 2005 at 14:40

    GTA is a fun game to tag team. I would come home to find The Girl gathering cash in completely random and nefarious ways, usually with moltov goonings, and then would let me finish the actual missions.

    San Andreas was an excellent evolution for the franchise as well, with an even larger sense of being able to just “live” in the hood if one wanted to.

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