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When I worked at the game store, I once had had a nice conversation with a boy about Metroid games. He was cute in a way that only a pre-pubescent, blonde-haired, nerdy game geek kid taking Tae Kwon Do lessons (there’s a TKD school down the hall from the store) can be cute. He was rather sweet, actually.

We talked about Metroid Prime and the copy of Metroid Fusion he and his sister were buying. It’s always nice to see people who are really excited about games. I don’t often get a chance to geek out about games, but when I do, sometimes I act just like that boy — really talkative, really excited, and super enthusiastic.

A month or so later, he came by and talked about his progress in Metroid Fusion, asking me for some advice on a certain part. I couldn’t remember specifically what strategies he needed, because it had been about 3 years since I’ve played that game, but I tried to help him, anyway.

Metroid is one of those types of games in which you reach can a part that is so frustrating, that you put it down, take a break, and then come back to it. After the break, sometimes lasting a week or more, suddenly the problem you faced before isn’t as bad as you thought it was. You mentally bang your head against the wall for being so blind as to not spot the solution, but you solve it with the satisfaction that you solved it, and without a strategy guide. I just told the boy to persevere and eventually he would figure it out.

After the boy left, another customer sort of smiled at me, because he had been observing me chatting to the boy. The customer said something to the effect of, “I’m sure you must get tired of all the customers coming in and talking your head off”. And I would have to say that I never got tired about talking about games, especially when I actually knew about the particular game that the customer was interested in. The manager gave me a look, as the boy headed out the door, that sort of said, “I can’t believe you humoured that boy. I would have told him to shut up if I had been talking to him”. I would have agreed, if the kid had been annoying like most of the kids are who wander in to the store, but this one was able to carry on a decent conversation.

I like talking to intelligent kids or kids who can talk intelligently. They’re very interesting. It almost makes me vaguely interested in having one of those things, just to see if my offspring could actually have an intelligent, mature discussion with me. That is such a bad reason to have a child! Thank God I’ve never been (and I hope never will be) in a position to decide whether or not I should get one of those. The ironic thing is that I’m sure I would make a decent parent.

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