Easier Than I Thought

The physical building of the computer was pretty easy. My CPU, RAM, hard drive, and all that good stuff are working and accounted for.

I need to figure out those little… Plug thingies on the motherboard so that I can get my front USB, audio, and microphone ports to work. The bundle of wires that make them work is separated into these miniscule wires with plastic bits on the end, and I’m supposed to plug them in… I’ve figured out where to plug them in, but I don’t know what “jumper” means, and the book that came with the motherboard said something about this in relation to my audio.

My friend didn’t bother with this bit on his computer (he’s building another one for himself), because it’s a little fiddly (my small, slender fingers seem better suited to such tasks than his large, stubby fingers) , so he wasn’t of much help. I’m determined to get to the bottom of this, so I’m going to keep trying, even though I don’t really know what I’m doing. I think I can figure it out though.

I’m still waiting on the DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, and 3.5 floppy drives.

Oh, and the stupid online store gave me a wireless card for a laptop, instead of a PC, so now I need to send that back and get the right one.

Once the other drives are installed, I can do the fun, day-long event of installing my OS, drivers, updating my software, and eventually moving all my files and crap from my laptop to the new rig.

After that, I can prepare my old laptop for transfer to my brother. I’m sure he’ll be happy with a halfway decent computer of his own. He isn’t a gamer, so it will more than meet his needs.

My side fan has glowing lights, but they are multi-coloured. This will not do. It must glow blue, and only blue. I will have to do something about this down the road.

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  1. Dyannamika
    4 June 2005 at 00:00

    Ha, Brinstar, I knew you could totally do it!

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