We Won’t Miss You!

In the first of several installments, I will recount some of the more memorable moments during my time working in video game retail. Since the events are unrelated, I won’t be posting them in any sort of continuity order.

Like many retail workers, I was only a part-time employee. I have an office job, so I only worked at the weekend. My shift on this particular Saturday was no more exciting than usual.

In the afternoon, a man came in. He wanted to return a brand new, sealed game, however he didn’t have a receipt. The store manager, who greeted the man as he came in, explained the return policy. We could not accept a return without some kind of proof that it had been bought from one of our stores.

As the manager explained, the man became progressively more annoyed and angry. He began swearing at the manager, saying how our store was horrible, and that it shouldn’t treat customers this way, etc. Finally, it got so bad that the manager just asked him to leave. He was getting quite loud, and making a big scene. After the manager asked him to leave, the guy shouted, “I’m never shopping here again! You’ve just lost a customer!” or something to that effect. Then my manager replied, “Good, we don’t miss you!” Dude! That was pretty cool. However, the guy, who was just about to exit, turned right around and started swearing and insulting the manager again. Finally, the manager told him that if he didn’t leave, he would call the police. That made the guy a little angrier, and he let off another round of insults and swearing, but he did leave in the end.

Throughout this whole scene, I was just standing there, watching in a state of almost total amusement. It was quite amusing, although if I had been the manager, I would have felt just like him — angry, insulted, and irritated at the gall and rudeness of this random guy, who could have stolen the game for all we know, and was now attempting to make a profit off of it.

Please respect the people who sell you games, because we have to put up with people like this.