Make a Star 7

Oh my stars and garters! Thank you to everyone who commented recently!

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I first played Katamari Damacy back in October 2004 at MAGFest. I was instantly hooked. Ignoring the long queues at the DDR machine, I instead spent a good chunk of the convention hunkered down in front of this little beauty of a game. Make a Star 7 gave us huge headaches, but when I returned to the console the next day, the others had passed the stage. I again played it at Anime USA where some random fat otaku git criticised me for my lack of 1337 katamari skills on Make a Star 7. Sorry. I take offense to people who are rude to me. We weren’t in a competition. It was all for fun, and he shouldn’t have put pressure on me just because he was impatient for my turn to end. But I digress.

One of my friends gave me Katamari Damacy for Christmas last year. Let the record show that anyone who buys me a video game as a gift automatically becomes a “super cool friend”. The only problem? I didn’t have a PS2 yet. Eventually, I did get a PS2 early this year, and stared building my collection of games that everyone else had played (but which I had missed out on due to my lack of finances and me being in the UK for my studies). I call it The Great Backlog (and this isn’t even the updated list, as I have been collecting yet more games to sit on my shelf; thank God I quite the game store job).

With my new PS2, game much Katamari Damacy playing ensued. Until I reached Make a Star 7. I tried and tried and tried to beat this stage many times, before getting fed up. I routinely go through periods where I will play video games a lot (usually when I have a new game), and then I will let the console sit idle for weeks or even months without playing (usually when I reach a hard part and become frustrated).

Usually I browse the interweb when I’m talking on Skype (sometimes I draw, too), but that day, I decided to be productive, games-wise. I felt I had to make some progress on my Backlog, so into the ickle PS2 went Katamari Damacy. I hadn’t played this game in at least two months. I was talking to Dyannamika quite happily and playing Katamari Damacy. She was getting the play-by-play, and unfortunately I don’t think I was the best conversationalist during that particular time. However, I finally passed Make a Star 7! Yay! I think the combination of my generally relaxed state and good mood just put me in a good frame of mind to pass the stage. Having a good conversation partner probably played a role in passing the stage, too.

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  1. Dyannamika
    17 May 2005 at 09:23

    A good conversation partner? I’m blushing. :P Although I wasn’t there in person, I was impressed by Brinstar’s quest to get a very big katamari… yeah. :P And don’t worry, you were still a good conversationalist.

    I do what I can to help.

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