DDR on My Local News

I forgot to blog about this yesterday in my excitement and pre-occupation with becoming a writer for Culture.Playgressive.

DDR was on the TV news again this week. A few months ago, it was on the Today show, and the other day it made my local Fox morning news show. Apparently it was a slow news day. The story wasn’t too exciting, although they made it seem like DDR was a new thing — a brand “new craze” that all the “young people” were into. Come on, Fox News! Just admit you’re about five years behind the times! The story didn’t portray DDR players as anything more than kids who like to game. In fact, it gave a pretty positive view of DDR, which is none too surprising, since it’s one of the few video games where people are seen to be doing ‘something’.

They mentioned DDR Freak and Bemanistyle — totally mispronouncing ‘Bemani’, by the way. ‘Bee-man-nee’? Whatever! It’s ‘bee-mah-nee’!

Anyway, they interviewed some players from one of my local area’s mall arcades. That was where I had a ‘run-in’ last year with a punk kid who did not observe proper arcade queue etiquette. My token was there first, damn it!

That place is so ghetto, and all these punks hang out there. You have the Asian hip-hop gangstas, the black hip-hop gangstas, the skinny DDR geeks, the cute Asian girls, etc. I don’t know… I guess I’d have to hang out there more often to get a feel for the local players. I mean, once I started frequenting the Trocadero, I wasn’t as intimidated by the local DDR stars, and found some of them to be all right. After that, even though my skills were far below anyone there, I had the confidence to get up there on the platform and play, regardless of the fact that I was only playing on Standard.