Too Many Games, Too Little Time, and Yet I Buy More

I have no time to play video games. It’s horrible. I have too many interests and priorities to be spending them playing games. And yet, I buy loads of them, and the backlog pile continues to rise.

I worked an 8-hour shift today at The G. This is unusual as they generally give me short shifts, even though I am only weekend help. There is a staffing shortage due to an abrupt exodus of warm bodies from the ranks of our employees. The result is that everyone must take more hours.

I put in the employee hold drawer four games: Silent Hill 3, Fatal Frame II, DDR MAX 2, and Final Fantasy X-2. All of them used, except for FFX-2. I’d have held FFX-2 used as well, except the copies we had were in bad condition and lacked instruction manuals. I’m extremely picky about the condition of my games. Perhaps it’s a holdover from when I used to collect comic books, but I honestly cannot stand scratched games, bent manuals, and all that shit.

I didn’t buy them because I’ve been spending money on other things lately. I’ll just let them simmer in the drawer for a few weeks…

I’m going to have even less time to play games because I finally got a decent full time job. And I work part-time at the weekend. Money is good, but it means less time to spend on my hobbies.

Also, I just started a Dungeons & Dragons game on a forum, so that’s eating up my time. Even though it hasn’t fully started, I’m sorta buried in character generation. *sigh* And I still haven’t talked to the DM this weekend like I said I would.

Oh well.

  2 comments for “Too Many Games, Too Little Time, and Yet I Buy More

  1. Dyannamika
    4 April 2005 at 02:40

    Ha, my revenge for you getting me addicted to Shoujo! Don’t worry, I have a plan about your too many video games.

    Ha ha ha.

  2. Ahmed Shaheen
    23 April 2007 at 17:37

    i have many games, i want to play them. but i dont have the time :(
    i am always busy in skool. either a quiz or an exam or an assignment to do or a project. all i really want to do is play my games but i have no time at all :'(

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