Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Progress 2

I made some time, and played some Metroid Prime 2 tonight. OMG. Sometimes Metroid can get frustrating. Back-tracking and exploration are integral parts of any Metroid game, but I just want to finish the damn thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s taking forever because I want to get as high an item completion percentage and visor scan percentage as possible, without using a walkthrough or strategy guide. Even if it means that I take forever (speed runs are not my thing).

I’ve just been sitting on this game forever. I bought it at launch, and played it obsessively for about three months. Then I gradually stopped playing. When I got stuck at Quadraxis, I just back-burnered the game. Actually, I took an extended break from gaming, full stop, so my backlog hasn’t shrunk, really. It’s actually grown since my hiatus, because work had some good-condition copies of older games I didn’t have.

I think I’ll gradually make more time for gaming in my evenings. Perhaps an hour or half an hour per night should allow me to do other stuff, and at the same time, hammer away at that pile of games.